Product Description:

Distribution Timeline Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

The Distribution Timeline Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides clearly represents brand listings and delistings throughout the year. The template has the title “Brands Listing / Delisting” at the top, explaining the timeline’s purpose. Above each month in the template, there are logos of different brands, representing brands that were either listed or delisted during that specific month. For example, in January, the brands Biotique, Lotus Herbals, and FabIndia are featured, while in June, Himalaya Herbals are shown.

This timeline PowerPoint slide template is used to track the status of brand partnerships or products over a year. It provides a quick and simple way to check which brands were added or removed from a portfolio at a glance. Users can easily insert brand logos, list dates of listing or delisting, and add any other information to modify this  Distribution Timeline Template to their specific needs and requirements. Overall, this MS PowerPoint template offers a practical way to track changes and make informed decision-making for businesses involved in brand management and long-term planning.