Product Description:

The Marketing Budget Variance PowerPoint Template can be used to effectively manage your marketing budget. This template helps in comparing planned expenses with costs. It then highlights any overages or savings in the table prepared. 

This template has a sleek blue header, adding a touch of professionalism. It features organized rows for detailing each item. The columns are designated for Cost, Budget, Variation, Revenue, Variation, and Profit. These columns can help you to easily track your progress. The description can be mentioned in the table as required.  

Such marketing Slides templates are suitable for marketing professionals, finance managers, or business owners overseeing budget management and results analysis. It facilitates presenting data during meetings or personal assessments to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your marketing expenditure. This template can be edited as per the description and amount. Additionally, it is compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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Features of this PowerPoint Template And Google Slides Theme:

  • 100% editable with easy-to-use features.
  • Contains 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio suitable for all types of screens.
  • Includes icons, images, graphics, and infographics to capture audience’s attention.
  • Compatible with both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.