Product Description:

The National Bike to Work Day Template is essential for providing agendas or listicles in a clear and concise format. On the occasion of National Bike to Work Day, this template is an ode to a healthier lifestyle that one can inculcate for a better, more green future. The use of cycles proves to be healthier and safer for individuals and can become a sustainable form of travel.

This slide template features a man cycling to an institution with a backpack, presumably with his school or work items. He’s wearing a helmet, promoting a sense of safety, promoting. The cyclist is towards the right of the screen, leaving behind a trail of brief information that users can use to set out any brief data or information. The minimalist graphic prioritizes three text boxes, each accompanied by an icon. The text boxes are orange, blue, and green, giving each point distinction.

The listicle nature of this template allows professionals to use it for several uses. Users can also use this template to set an agenda for a time period. Anything that requires 2-3 points to emphasize something can be implemented in this template. The National Bike to Work Day template on SlideUplift is 100% customizable by a user, and font, color, and text can all be changed as required.