Product Description:

About OKR PowerPoint Template

OKR PowerPoint templates help you understand three very important points, The objectives, Key Results, and the Initiatives. This template helps you represent your goals, results, and initiative in a clear and concise format.

This Template has a modern design and is crafted in a horizontal layout with a blue theme. This template consists of an editable title box, where you can add a title of your choice.

Further, you get three Rounded corner rectangular boxes, each having a title at the top, which are already added in the template by us, to save you time.

These three Sections are:

  • Objectives: here you can briefly talk about the objectives of your specific topic 
  • Key Results: Here you can add the Results that you achieved after implementing strategies etc
  • Initiative: here you can add all of the steps that you have taken the initiatives or the future strategies you are going to adopt 

Each of these three text boxes is equipped with three unique and relevant icons, making your information look more interesting and important. This template can be used by any working professional, who wants to Identify The “OKRs”, that is Objective, Key results, and Initiatives of a specific topic.