Product Description:

PowerPoint Meeting Agenda Template

A company’s main agenda is its growth and development, striving to be the best in the market. We bring you a perfect way to present your meeting with our ‘PowerPoint Meeting Agenda Template.’ This agenda PPT template is designed to help you outline your meeting in a clear and concise manner, ensuring that your agenda is communicated effectively and efficiently. 

On the slide’s left side boundary is a big, dark blue strip on which ‘AGENDA’ is written.  The main area comprises of four sections, each accompanied by blue boxes with unique icons to denote each topic. The sections have a place to write a title and a description of the agenda topic. On the right side is a picture of a hand pointing at a computer screen with charts and numbers accompanying the issues mentioned in the agenda. This picture is presented in retro black and white, adding a professional touch to the slide.

This template’s customization feature lets you change the font and color and add whatever you want to shape the template as you need it to be. It’s suitable for all kinds of meetings in offices, schools, or other places and can be used by anyone. We not only provide templates that work on MS PowerPoint, but we also offer professional Google Slides templates.