Product Description:

The Slides Carnival Template has a classic circus tent design. This template could be used for various presentations related to carnivals, circuses, or fairs. It has a festive and eye-catching design that will surely grab your audience’s attention. 

The template has a dark blue background. It features blue and yellow tents with fairy lights and a fence. Yellow lights are on either side of the tent, and red flags are hanging from the roof. There is a bright space for the title of the slide. 

Such slide carnival templates can be used for event promotion, carnival planning, fundraising events, business presentations, and school presentations. The design of this template can be used to grab the viewers’ attention. It can boast engagement of the audience with these memorable elements.  

Customization of this template by SlideUpLift can be done easily per the user’s requirement. It is compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.