Product Description:

The sports presentation template has colors like white, yellow, and shades of blue. There are thirteen slides in this template, showcasing various sports. The slides also have placeholders to write information about the game next to the pictures. It also consists of a slide mentioning a graph. The graph is titled as Team Participation Level to effectively showcase achievements and strategies. It also focuses on the activeness of the team in sports, fitness and other activities. This slide has been prepared to compare data of different players, analyze the performances and record the strategic information of games. This sports collection is ideal for HRs, Team Heads, Managers and fitness industries for team bonding activity, athlete portfolio and sports events presentation.

The slides templates have various sports included which are as follows: Ski on Ice, Cycling, Football/Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Volleyball, Polo, Cricket, Skateboarding  and Archery 

This Sports Template can be used by businesses to encourage and celebrate various sports events. SlideUpLift encourages sportsmanship, coordination, teamwork, and unity through these slide templates. These templates are 100% customizable, as their infographics, text, fonts, colors, and presentation backgrounds can be modified as per the requirements of the user. It is compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides.