Product Description:

The Simple Timeline for PowerPoint | Curved Timeline Design is a visually pleasing and aesthetic presentation template that can be used when presenting a set of information in chronological order. When setting a plan or project, the timeline can be presented to stakeholders or decision-makers. 

The template features a plain white backdrop, acting as negative space, which is important when your content needs to be in the limelight or to declutter your layout. Six-time periods are presented at the right of the curved timeline, and they change color from light to dark blue from top to bottom. The professional PowerPoint template is complete with the corresponding text on the left of the timeline, guiding the viewers to the relevant information according to the time period. 

These timeline PowerPoint templates can be used in professional settings when setting up plans, projects, or objectives for team members or stakeholders. Business professionals across various settings can use it, and it can be customized to the user’s preferences and requirements. The template is also compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides for added convenience. 

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