Product Description:

The Timeline Graphic For PowerPoint Template is a visual-reliant and vibrant presentation template that can help show an organized and detailed layout of a step-by-step process over a period of time. This template can be used to present a process or plan development throughout its course. 

This template has a gray backdrop, complete with transparent images, which can be used to show your project’s step-by-step progress visually. Five distinctly colored rectangles are stacked through the middle of the slide, from the left to the right. Each of the rectangles represents a period and comes with a corresponding icon to depict the information visually. 

The timeline PowerPoint templates can be used in business settings where the development of a plan or project has to be shown in a visual and easy-to-understand format. The template elements can be edited to match the brand’s tone and personality, and they can also be customized per the user’s requirements. It is compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides for easy access and convenience. 

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