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How To Make A Flow Chart in PowerPoint Presentation?

A flowchart is a fantastic way to clearly display any process or idea with steps so that your team understands it. This blog will guide you through the different ways to create a FlowChart in a PowerPoint presentation. We have also discussed some templates to make it easy for you to start.

Flowcharts play an important role in business communication, conveying complex processes, ideas, and decisions. They enable teams to visualize workflows, identify bottlenecks, and streamline operations. This helps everyone on the team align with the goals and makes the work efficient. Hence, it would help if you learned how to make a flow chart in PowerPoint. 

Flowcharts visually represent the steps involved in a particular business process or workflow. It helps stakeholders understand the sequence of activities and identify potential bottlenecks or areas for improvement. Flowcharts can be easily shared and communicated across teams, making them an effective tool for collaboration and decision-making. 

This article will show you how to create a flowchart in a PowerPoint presentation. Let’s get started.

What Is A Flowchart? 

What is a flowchart

A Flowchart is a visual representation of a process or system that uses symbols and arrows to show a flow of information or the steps you need to complete a task.  

It consists of rectangles, ovals, rhombuses, and many other shapes to indicate stages and link arrows to define the flow and sequence. These can represent several procedures and paths, ranging from straightforward hand-drawn diagrams to intricate computer-drawn graphics. 

There are different ways to add a flowchart in PowerPoint to present your data logically and create a lasting impression on your audience. 

How To Make A Flow Chart In PowerPoint?

You can easily create flowcharts on your own by using MS PowerPoint. It offers easy access to shapes and SmartArt, allowing you to create flowcharts. The first step would be to plan and outline your flowchart. Think about the purpose of your flowchart, how many steps you need to show in your flowchart, etc. When you are done planning your flowchart, you can open MS PowerPoint and create your own.

Follow the three methods below to learn how to create a flow chart in PowerPoint. 

  1. Using SmartArt
  2. From Scratch using Shapes
  3. Use SlideUpLift’s Templates

How To Make A Flow Chart In Powerpoint Using SmartArt?

Creating a flowchart in PowerPoint from scratch ensures customization, clarity, alignment with the brand, and effective communication with the target audience. It makes modifications easy and gives your presentations a professional look. 

SmartArt is a good option if you need to create a flowchart quickly. Similar to an image or clip art, a SmartArt graphic allows you to add extra features. However, it will enable you to add only one or two pre-selected shapes. 

Follow the below steps to learn how to make a flowchart in PowerPoint using SmartArt :

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and go to the slide where you want to insert a flowchart. 
  2. Go to “Insert”> “SmartArt” option > “Process” and select a flowchart from the box that matches your requirements.
  3. Once you have picked one flowchart, click “OK” to insert the flowchart into your presentation slide.
  4. You can add the content to your flowchart by directly typing down the text or using the “Text Pane” option.
  5. Adjust the size of your flowchart using the anchor points or select any specific shape to edit.
  6. To change the color, go to “SmartArt Design” on the toolbar > “Change Colors” and select the flowchart’s desired color scheme.
  7. Review if you have added all the necessary details and save your presentation.
How to Create a Flowchart in PowerPoint Using SmartArt

PRO TIP: You can add powerpoint shapes, modify the diagram type, and select from various pre-set color schemes. The “Format” tab enables more exact alterations like text color, flowchart symbol color, edit and format text, and unique font.

How to Create a Flowchart in PowerPoint From Scratch?

Another way to create a flow chart in PowerPoint is to use shapes and arrows from the shape library. It is a preferred option when you need to make a flowchart from scratch with your theme and creativity. 

This approach offers more freedom during the FlowChart creation process, as SmartArt doesn’t include any diagrams with these elements. You’ll need to use the shape library for a standard flowchart with process and decision boxes and other flowchart-specific forms.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to learn how to create flow chart in PowerPoint from scratch:

  1. Go to the “Insert” tab > click on the “Shapes” option. A dropdown menu will appear with all the different shapes you can use for your flowchart. 
  2. Select a shape that matches your requirements, double-click on it, and drag it onto your slide. 
  3. Type in your content. Keep adding more such shapes and add your content to create a flowchart.
  4. Arrange the shapes in the order of your content requirements to show a flow of steps. You can also drag the shapes around by simply clicking on it.
  5. To finish the flowchart, add connecting arrows or lines to show an association between the two steps. Go to “Insert” > “Shapes” to add lines and arrows. After choosing a line type, draw a connecting line by clicking and dragging your mouse from one shape to another. You can also make curved arrows to make your flowcharts more creative. 
  6. Review all the things and save your slide.
how to create flowchart

PRO TIP: To organize your shapes, click on the “Arrange” tab > go to the “Align” option from the dropdown menu and select either “Distribute Horizontally” or “Distribute Vertically.” It will ensure that your shapes are spaced at equal distances from each other.

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How To Make A Flow Chart In PowerPoint Using SlideUpLift’s Templates?

Selecting each box and arrow separately using the shape library takes too much time, especially if you must make bigger flowcharts. The same is true with SmartArts. You can prefer the above two methods, but allocating time to create flowcharts for busy professionals is challenging. That’s why we have developed various templates for you to use, helping you to create flowcharts in minutes.

Follow the below steps to learn how to create a flowchart in PowerPoint using SlideUpLift’s Templates:

  1. Visit Slideuplifts Flowchart Templates library.
  2. Choose a template that aligns with your requirements. We offer flowcharts for various purposes and with different designs, including animated templates.
  3. Download your desired templates in PPT format or Google Slides format.
  4. Open the file and customize the content according to your requirements. You can change the text and colors of elements and even add background Images if you want. Edit and personalize the slide to match your brand identity.
  5. Review the changes and save the file.

Best FlowChart PowerPoint Templates

Now, you have understood how to make a flow chart in PowerPoint. These templates are invaluable resources that significantly ease the process of creating flowcharts, saving time and effort while ensuring professional and consistent results. Rather than starting from scratch, you can leverage pre-made PowerPoint templates to map out processes, ideas, or workflows in a structured way. 

The professional design of these templates ensures consistency and a polished look throughout your flowchart. These customizable premade templates enable you to seamlessly meet your specific needs by incorporating your content, branding, and style. 

1. Business Process Flowchart: This template depicts step-by-step processes and workflows. It includes various shapes and icons to help you illustrate each stage efficiently.

Business Process Flowchart PowerPoint Template
Like This Template? Click Here To Download!

2. Decision Tree Flowchart: Ideal for making decisions and showing different outcomes, this template simplifies complex choices with a clear and visually engaging design.

Decision Tree Flow Chart PowerPoint Template
Like This Template? Click Here To Download!

3. Timeline Flowchart: For project planning and milestones, this template offers a timeline-style flowchart that helps users visualize the sequence of events and deadlines.

Timeline Flow Chart PowerPoint Template
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4. Swimlane Flowchart: When you need to depict responsibilities within a process, the swimlane template from SlideUpLift is perfect for showing who is accountable for each step.

Swimlane Flow Chart PowerPoint Template
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We discussed the three methods on how to make a flow chart in PowerPoint. Crafting outstanding presentations with intricate flowcharts can be daunting. You will now be able to create better flowcharts to enhance your team’s productivity. To ensure the utmost professionalism, engaging the services of online presentation design experts like SlideUpLift is prudent. Our specialized presentation design services elevate the visual impact of your presentations substantially. 


  1. How to make a Flow Chart in PowerPoint presentation?

    To create a flowchart in PowerPoint, you can create by using SmartArt: 

    • Navigate to the slide where you want to add a flowchart. 
    • Click “Insert” > “SmartArt” > “Process” > Click on the flowchart you wish to edit.

  2. How do I ensure my flow chart in PowerPoint is visually appealing and easy to follow?

    Use consistent colors, shapes, and alignment, and keep text concise. Ensure a logical flow from left to right or top to bottom. Additionally, you can also use FlowChart PowerPoint presentation templates to enhance your FlowChart presentation tenfold.

  3. Are flow charts in PowerPoint only for business presentations?

    No, flowcharts are not just restricted to business; they can be used in various aspects of education, engineering, administration, etc., as they assist with clear process visualization.

  4. What are some of the best practices for presenting a flowchart in a PowerPoint slide?

    Present one step at a time, use animations to reveal elements, and explain each part clearly to your audience. In addition, you can highlight key points and transitions. You can easily represent your data logically using SlideUpLift’s Flowchart PowerPoint templates.

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