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Top Venn Diagram PowerPoint Examples Plus Free Venn Diagram Template

September 14, 2020| slideuplift
Top Venn Diagram PowerPoint and Venn Diagram Templates

Venn Diagrams have long been used to show similarity among different sets of elements. The ability to illustrate concepts and groups has led to the popularized use of Venn diagrams in many fields, including statistics, education, computer science, and business. In business, Venn diagram PowerPoint is used to showcase the analysis, such as market analysis, brand positioning, competitor analysis, etc. At a basic level, Venn diagrams are simply graphical representations of relationships that exist between two sets of things. However, they can be much more complex. Let’s have a look.

In this blog, we will discuss the following: 

What is a Venn diagram? 

A Venn diagram is a graphical illustration that typically uses circles to depict the relationships among elements or groups of elements. Circles that overlap have some commonality among them, while circles that do not overlap do not have anything in common.

Venn diagram templates help to represent the similarities and differences between the two concepts visually. They help us understand how items relate to each other. 

A Venn diagram template could be used, for example, to compare two companies in the same industry; the overlapping illustrates the products both companies offer, and the outer circles show the products that are exclusive to each company.

View Two Circle Venn Diagram Template
Another example:

View Three Circle Venn Diagram Template

This diagram is a three-circle Venn diagram where each circle represents Mission, Vision, and Values respectively however all these principles have a few common values – Honesty, Trust, and Fairness.

What are the types of Venn Diagrams?

There are mainly four types of Venn diagrams based on the number of sets we are analyzing:

Two-Set Diagrams

The two set or two circles Venn diagram templates collection is the basic one that features two overlapping sets. Here we try to find commonality between two sets of items.

View Two Circle Venn Diagram Template

This Venn diagram template is showing the market analysis to find the target customers for a product or business.

Three-Set Diagrams

A three-set or three-circle Venn diagram in which all sets have some overlap with each other is a bit more complicated. There are seven different sections, including the center created by all three overlapping circles.

View Three Circle Venn Diagram Template

As we can see, this Venn diagram template example is using three circles representing different aspects of a personality and trying to find out some commonality. 

Four-Set Diagrams

In the case of a 4 circle Venn diagram, the circles won’t cut each other in a preferred way, so we can use four oval shapes instead or use a three-set Venn with a curve. These are the only two-dimensional ways to represent four sets that show the union of all sets.

4 Circle Venn Diagram

View 4 Circle Venn Diagram Template

This example clearly shows how a Venn diagram template can be used to find out your purpose in life.

Five-Set Diagrams

Five-set or five-circle Venn diagrams also require the use of ovals, or you’ll need to overlay a three-set Venn with a curve. These types of diagrams are more complex and are rarely used.

View Five Circle Venn Diagram Template

Multi-Set Euler Diagrams

If you need to make one for more than five sets, the Euler diagram is the answer for a large number of sets. An Euler diagram can be created using multiple two-set Venn diagrams overlying each other.

What are the advantages of Venn Diagram Templates?

  • Helps in Visualization: It allows us to visualize concepts and relationships. Visualization of concepts helps us to understand them better. For example, two cars that have some features in common but some different features, a visual illustration can help people to understand the difference better and faster than a verbal discussion would.
  • Removes the complexity from the information: It makes complex information easy to understand. Often, Venn diagrams use single words to represent complex ideas, which would be longer and time-taking in text form. An illustration makes us better process complex information.
  • Helps in Information Retention: It helps us retain information better. Venn diagrams use color, and colors allow people to associate ideas with the colors used. It helps us recall the information quickly and effectively.

Best Examples of Venn Diagram Templates for PowerPoint –

Our collection of editable Venn diagram Templates help in illustrating business concepts and analysis. These diagrams make use of circular and oval shapes in various colors, which makes the presentations visually appealing. The shapes in these slide designs are fully customizable, and you can add your text to the placeholders to create a presentation that suits your needs.

View Four Set Venn Diagram Template

View Two Set Venn Diagram Template

View Three Set Venn Diagram Template

View Three Set Venn Diagram Template

Here is a Free Venn Diagram Template for you to try.

View Free Venn Diagram Template


Venn Diagram is a great tool for visual comparison and analysis. It’s the ability to visualize relations among different items and easy understanding made it popular in many fields for analysis. It has many uses in business as we saw above. It can be used for simple comparison as well as for complex analysis involving 4 or more sets of items. 

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