How To End A Presentation To Make A Lasting Impression (9 Techniques)

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How To End A Presentation To Make A Lasting Impression (9 Techniques)

This blog provides creative ideas on how to end a presentation with a punch. Studies show that when people try recalling information, they usually recall the beginning and the end. Therefore, you must leave an impact on the audience with a strong closing statement. A weak ending can leave the audience unenthused and uninspired, they may even forget your message within a few hours. But a strong ending motivates and empowers. It encourages people to take action.

So how to end a presentation well? Here are a few techniques you can try – 

End your presentation on time

Sounds like a no brainer? You will be surprised how many people struggle with this seemingly basic idea. At the root of it lies a tendency to cram too much content and then hurrying through to the end, often straying beyond the allotted time slot.

Being on time communicates to the audience that you respect their time and also leaves an impression about you being organized and well planned.

Some tactical tips

Remember, the ending time of the professional presentation includes any Q&A and discussion time so the audience has the space for interactivity.

You should state at the beginning of the meeting your intention to end on time and ask for audience cooperation. This includes agreeing to put side topics/conversations into a parking lot; recognizing when the deviations from the core topic take place, etc.

In the end, when you do successfully end on time, be sure to remind the audience of the fact that you ended on time and thank them for their cooperation.

Close with a clear cut ending

It is indeed a weird moment when the audience is unsure whether you have ended the presentation and transitioned into a general drift of conversations or worse, an awkward silence. Be sure to include a definitive statement to let the audience know that your presentation has arrived at its final destination. This can be a clear cut, ‘thank you!’,’ With this, my presentation comes to a close’, a wave, a bow, but let it be a clear-cut indication that this is the end and the audience is free to leave the discussion.

Conclude your speech with a story

Storytelling is often underutilized as a tool to leave an impact towards the end of PowerPoint presentations. While there is a lot of literature out there on the art of storytelling (See our own post here), clever use of stories to conclude the presentation can powerfully and in emotional ways reinforce your core messages and make these memorable.

Towards the end, you do want the story to be relatively brief and can start with a statement like “Let me end my presentation on a personal note….”

Come full circle at the end of your presentation

Give the audience a sense of closure by referencing your opening message at the end. It gives the audience a feeling of coherence and consistency.

You will need to plan for this ahead of time though. Some tips and ideas:

    1. Pose a question which you answer at the end
    2. Tell a story in the beginning but leave it unfinished until the end
    3. Repeat the first slide, this work especially well with powerful images or quotes
    4. Reference a comment, someone, in the audience made and connect it to the closure

Use the title close technique

Some presenters bring back the title slide to close their presentation. It is a subtle yet effective technique to keep the audience grounded and connected to the core topic and the content

This creates a sense of bookend to your entire presentation and can be used to bring your audience full circle as referenced above.

…Always a high note, always the high road

Your presentation is a great platform to uplift the spirits of the audience. While some topics easily lend themselves to positive messages, there is always light at the end of the tunnel even if you are delivering bad news

There is almost never a situation when you cannot inspire people. And you must never leave an opportunity to. There are many ways this can be achieved

  • Use vibrant, visual language
  • Appeal to the broader sensibilities of the audience
  • Think long term, not immediate fall outs
  • Most of all stay optimistic, positive, and energetic

A sound bite

A sound bite is like a slogan, a catch-phrase that attracts attention. It challenges you to condense your presentation into a pithy phrase?

If you can find a core message of your business presentation that is catchy and short, you can expect the audience to have a higher recall of your presentation. Some examples, inspired by famous quotes.

  • Get Action
  • Stay hungry but stay balanced
  • With this project, we didn’t fail, we just found 35 ways that don’t work
  • 100% of the shots you don’t take don’t succeed

A quick presentation recap

One common approach that never fails to impress is the “tell them” method.

It goes like this:

  • Tell them what you are going to tell them
  • Tell them
  • Tell them what you just told them

Studies state that people only absorb 30% of what you say. So this seeming repetition helps. But the real reason this method has stayed in vogue is that it plays on our innate need to see the information multiple times to understand patterns and start to believe in it

One pitfall to avoid here is to avoid staleness by saying boring phrases such as “In conclusion” or “To sum up”

Instead, spur the audience with phrases like “Where is this all leading?” or “What does this all mean?”

End with a strong visual image

A picture is worth knowing how many words. This adage is equally true when you are making a presentation.

Find an image that evokes the emotion that characterizes your presentation and the feeling you would like to leave the audience with. This can be a humorous, inspirational, or descriptive image that caps up/sums up your message. For example, in a message to the executives, a brand manager in a pharma company very effectively used the image of a child’s facial expression in vivid detail post receiving the painful therapy that the brand was trying to replace.

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