10 Good PowerPoint Presentation Examples

A PowerPoint presentation stands out when it grabs the audience’s attention. With the help of these good PowerPoint presentation examples, you can create PPTs like never before. These examples showcase innovative designs, engaging visuals, and effective storytelling techniques that captivate viewers.

10 Good PowerPoint Presentation Examples
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Last Modified :  November 5, 2023

Engaging presentations are the secret sauce of effective communication, bringing life to ideas and transforming information into inspiration. They are the heartbeat of any memorable message, connecting with your audience. With the power to captivate, educate, and motivate your audience, a good PowerPoint presentation can turn complex ideas into easy-to-understand visuals. 

An engaging PowerPoint presentation perfectly blends content, design, and to-the-point information. The visual appeal of a presentation can significantly shape perceptions of credibility, commitment to a project, and relatability. Therefore, in a world full of dull and monotonous presentations, we have curated a list of good PowerPoint presentation examples for you to take inspiration from and make your next presentation stand out. 

What Makes A Good PowerPoint Presentation?

To create the best presentation, we all can go overboard with numerous designs and template options in PowerPoint. Having a variety of choices, like colors, formats, visuals, and fonts, is a creative opportunity. However, being selective is vital because not all design choices lead to success and make for good presentation examples

There’s no one correct way to design your next PowerPoint presentation, but some good and bad presentation example designs are more effective than others. While a bad presentation can give off an unprofessional look, a good one can visually establish your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

Let’s look at some of the really good PowerPoint presentation examples that will help you up your presentation game:

    1. Limited text
    2. Less or minimal transitions and animations
    3. Cohesive color pallet
    4. Keeping contextual graphics
    5. Customized illustrations
    6. Use no font size smaller than 18 point
    7. Logical flow of content
    8. Effective use of bullet points
    9. Proper symmetry between different paragraphs and pointers
    10. Having an engaging summary with a clear Call to Action

Limited Text

Limited text in a PowerPoint presentation works wonders, transforming it into an engaging and crystal-clear presentation. Less is more when it comes to text on slides. Keeping your content concise allows your audience to focus on your message instead of squinting at paragraphs of information.

A slide with a striking image or a single impactful phrase instantly grabs attention and conveys your point. Using this approach makes your presentation look great and helps your audience remember key takeaways, which is one of the best examples of a good PowerPoint presentations. 

PRO TIP: The golden rule of holding audience’s attention is using 30 words per slide or a minimum of 6-8 lines on each slide to help create a seamless flow where graphics complement your spoken words.

Best PPT Presentation Example with Limited Text:

Best PPT Presentation Example-Limited Text

Good PowerPoint example of limited text on slide


Less or Minimal Transitions And Animations

Too many animations and transitions may not be your presentation’s best buddies. They can steal the spotlight from the core of your message. A solid PowerPoint presentation shines by keeping animations and transitions in check. They can be used in moderation as a way to emphasize a point or draw attention to specific elements in your visuals. 

One of the best examples of good presentation slides in terms of transitions and animations can be using a “fade-in” animation for bullet points or critical pieces of information. Instead of displaying all the text at once, you can set it to appear one at a time as you discuss each one. This gradual reveal CREATES curiosity and keeps your audience engaged and focused on the current topic. 

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Best PowerPoint Presentation Example with Minimal Animation:

Best PowerPoint Presentation Example- Minimal Animation

Good PowerPoint example of less or Minimal Transitions and Animation


Cohesive Color Pallet

Another good PowerPoint slide example can be a cohesive color palette throughout the presentation. We are not saying you must brush up on the color theory game before making your presentation, but knowing what colors to use can make a real difference. A well-thought-out color palette combination that complements and harmonizes can effectively direct your audience’s focus. It highlights what matters and downplays less critical information when needed. 

Now, picking the right colors might seem like a puzzle. The golden rule is to use colors that work well together and provide a clear contrast without straining the eyes. If you’re short on time or inspiration, Microsoft Office’s ready-made color schemes can be a lifesaver.

Best PPT Presentation Example with Cohesive Color Pallet:

Best PPT Presentation Example - Cohesive Color Pallet

Good PowerPoint example of Cohesive Color Pallet


Keeping Contextual Graphics 

A picture really can say a thousand words. One of the examples of good PowerPoint design can be incorporating graphs, photos, and illustrations that enhance your points and keep your audience engaged. But remember, it’s crucial to put these visuals in context. Having contextual graphics or illustrations and explaining why they’re there verbally will help the audience connect the dots and understand the material. It looks great and ensures your message is crystal clear and memorable.

A Really Good PowerPoint Example with Infographics:

A Really Good PowerPoint Example-Infographics

Good PowerPoint example of keeping contextual graphics or illustrations


Customized Illustrations 

Adding customized illustrations to your PowerPoint slides is one of the best PPT presentation examples. It’s like giving your presentation a unique personality and a touch of authenticity. It’s a game-changer that can take your slides from ordinary to outstanding. Generic stock images or clip art can feel impersonal and overused. On the other hand, customized illustrations are tailored to your message and brand, making your content exclusive. They allow you to convey your ideas in a way that is distinctively “you,” establishing a stronger connection with your audience.

Good PowerPoint Slide Example with Illustrations:

Good PowerPoint Slide Example - Illustrations

Good PowerPoint example of customized illustrations


Use no Font Size Smaller Than 18 point

Maintaining a minimum font size of 18 points in your PowerPoint presentation is like giving your audience the gift of clarity and readability. It’s a simple yet impactful way to ensure your message shines through and your presentation looks professional. No one wants to squint or strain their eyes to read a tiny text on a slide. 

When you stick to a 18-point font or larger, your content becomes instantly more accessible. Your audience can comfortably read what’s on the screen, allowing them to stay focused on your message rather than struggling to make out the words. An easily readable font is not only a good PPT example, but it also helps your audience to easily digest your content and perceive your presentation as professional and user-friendly.

Good PowerPoint Slide Example with Font Sized 18:

Good PowerPoint Slide Example- Font Sized 18

Good PowerPoint example of keeping a minimum font size


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Logical Flow of Content 

One of the best examples of good PowerPoint presentations is maintaining a logical flow of the content in your PowerPoint presentation. It is like crafting a smooth, well-executed experience for your audience. It’s the roadmap that keeps them engaged, helps them follow your story, and ensures your message hits the mark. 

A presentation with a jumbled sequence of ideas or topics can leave your audience puzzled and disconnected. A logical flow, on the other hand, guides your audience seamlessly from one point to the next, making it easy for them to grasp the bigger picture. When your content unfolds in a logical order, it forms a narrative that’s easier for the human brain to digest and remember. 

Example of Good PowerPoint Presentation with FlowChart:

Example of Good PowerPoint Presentation- FlowChart

Good PowerPoint example of logical flow of the content


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Effective Use of Bullet Points

Effectively using bullet points in your PowerPoint presentation is like serving bite-sized portions of information to your audience. It is an excellent way of keeping them engaged and ensuring your message is digestible and memorable. Bullet points break down complex ideas into concise, easy-to-follow chunks. They act as signposts, guiding your audience through your content with a clear roadmap. 

Limiting the number of bullet points to 8-10 per slide prevents information overload and gives each point the attention it deserves. People have a limited attention span, so bullet points are your allies in delivering information efficiently. They allow your audience to absorb key takeaways without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, bullet points serve as excellent prompts for your verbal delivery, keeping you on track and ensuring you don’t forget essential details.

Example of Good PowerPoint Presentation with Bullet Points:

Example of Good PowerPoint Presentation- Bullet Points

Good PowerPoint example of effective Uue of bullet points


Proper Symmetry Between Different Paragraphs and Pointers

Ensuring proper symmetry between different paragraphs and pointers in your presentation is similar to creating a smooth flow that captivates your audience. It’s all about balance, and when done right, it can significantly enhance the appeal and effectiveness of your slides. Just as a well-balanced meal is more appetizing, slides with balanced content are more visually appealing. 

When you maintain a consistent and symmetrical structure, it creates a sense of order and professionalism. Symmetrical layouts help your audience anticipate what’s coming next. When they see a pattern, like consistent bullet point structure or paragraph formatting, it becomes easier for them to follow your narrative. This predictability allows your audience to focus, not jumble. 

Good PowerPoint Slide Example with Symmetry:

Good PowerPoint Slide Example- Symmetry

Good PowerPoint example of proper symmetry between different paragraphs and pointers


Having an Engaging Summary With a Clear Call to Action

Last on this list of best Powerpoint presentation examples is an engaging summary with a clear call to action. Think of the summary as the highlight of your presentation. It recaps the essential takeaways, ensuring that your audience fully grasps the key messages you want to convey. This reinforcement is critical because it’s what your audience will most likely remember long after your presentation. 

A clear CTA is like extending a helping hand to your audience, guiding them on what steps to take next. Whether it’s encouraging them to explore further resources, make a decision, or get in touch with you. Adding an engaging summary with a clear CTA to your slides is the grand finale that ties your presentation together.

Good PowerPoint Slide Example with Clear Call to Action:

Good PowerPoint Slide Example- Clear Call to Action

Good PowerPoint example of having an engaging summary with a clear call to action


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Important PowerPoint Presentation Tips

While building a PowerPoint presentation’s design, content, and flow shall be tailored to hit its target audience. Making your presentation eye-catching is essential to steer clear of Call to Action goals. However, taking your PowerPoint presentations to the next level can be time-consuming. So, getting yourself help from professional presentation providers like SlideUpLift can be a game-changer you’ll want to know about.

PRO TIP: It’s important that you follow the Who, What, and Where tips to up your presentation game.

SlideUpLift provides expert guidance on presentation best practices and helps you customize your slides as per your requirements. Our extensive library covers a wide range of industries and topics. But that’s not all. SlideUpLift also offers a collection of beautifully designed templates, graphics, and icons and provides professional PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes for your needs. 

Explore our presentation design services to create stunning PPTs. Give us a try with our custom-slides service, or schedule a call with us to know more!


  1. What makes a PowerPoint presentation "good"?

    A good PowerPoint presentation effectively communicates its message, engages the audience, and utilizes clear, visually appealing slides with well-structured content.

  2. Where can I find examples of well-designed PowerPoint presentations for inspiration?

    You can find examples of well-designed PowerPoint presentations on websites and platforms that offer presentation templates like SlideUpLift.

  3. What are some key examples of good presentation?

    Successful PowerPoint presentations often include: 

      •  concise content
      • engaging visuals
      • a logical flow
      • limited use of text, and 
      • a clear call to action

  4. How can I ensure my PowerPoint presentation aligns with the best practices?

    To ensure your presentation follows best practices, focus on storytelling, maintain visual consistency, limit bullet points, use high-quality visuals, and practice your delivery.

  5. Are there any tools or resources to help me improve my PowerPoint presentations?

    Yes, SlideUpLift provides various tools and resources, including PowerPoint add-ins, design templates, and online tutorials that help you enhance your presentation skills and create compelling slides.

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