Product Description:

Lighthouses provide guidance to ships, helping them stay on course. Likewise, Animated Lighthouse Template For PowerPoint brings the audience’s focus to certain points to be discussed in the presentation. The points are highlighted one at a time so that the speaker can explain the points while giving the presentation. This Animated Lighthouse Template For PowerPoint features effects that make the presentation more visually engaging.

This template has a total of three slides, each slide focusing on one point at a time. The color of the template is gray for a professional outlook. There is a lighthouse on the left slide of the template and text bubbles on the right side for three key points to be discussed in the presentation. The red-purple color theme of the rays of light from the lighthouse is given for the focus of the audience. Each point is emphasized through the use of a gradient fill on the point in focus. This makes it easier for the speaker to talk about each point in detail during the presentation. 

This slide is ideal for business analysts and well-suited for trainers and project managers who need to present information in an organized manner. Customizing the slide to suit your presentation requirements is simple, ensuring that your ideas can be conveyed with clarity. You can also utilize this SlideUpLift tool with both PowerPoint and Google Slides, making it adaptable for presentation settings. For more such unique and compelling designs, be sure to check out our hand-picked collection of Google Slides templates

How to effectively use the template

Start by inserting the topic name in the header box. Further, mention the three key points and their brief information on the right side of the lighthouse. Select icons that align with the theme of each point to reinforce your message. Remember, the slide acts as your beacon of light, so ensure your content remains focused and enlightening. Feel free to change the color, font, icon, and background of the template.