How To Insert A Calendar In Google Slides?

Updated: November 21, 2022| Published: October 4, 2022| SlideUpLift Blog
How To Insert A Calendar In Google Slides?

While many users prefer to schedule their tasks with Google Calendar, adding a calendar to a Google Slides presentation is an effective way to highlight important milestones and events in your presentation. 

We’ll quickly go through how to insert a calendar in Google Slides in this tutorial.

How To Insert Calendar Using Google Slides Template

For this tutorial, we have downloaded the 2023 Calendar Template that is compatible with Google Slides. You can choose from different designs of  2023 Calendar Templates for your presentations.

Follow these steps to insert the downloaded calendar template. 

1. Open the presentation in Google Slides in which you want to add the calendar template.

2. Select the space between two slides (where you wish to add the calendar template).

3. From the toolbar, select File > Import Slides.

4. Choose the calendar template file.

5. A new window will appear that lets you select the slides/months of the calendar you want to insert in the presentation. 

6. Checkmark the Keep Original Theme option at the bottom of the list.

Tip: In case you want the calendar to have the same theme as your presentation, you will need to keep the Keep Original Theme option OFF.

7. Select Import Slides once the selection is made. 

8. As a result, the selected slide/s will appear. You can now completely edit the calendar as per your needs. 

Here are some 2023 Calendar templates for you

Source: 2023 Calendar PowerPoint Templates by SlideUpLift

Wrapping It Up

Use this easy method to add a calendar to your presentation. 

We hope you found this tutorial useful. To check out more tips on using Google Slides, check out our Google Slides Tutorials.

Also, in case you found using a calendar template handy, check out our ready-to-use appealing Google Slides Templates & Google Slides Themes to make compelling presentations in shorter periods of time.

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