How To Add Animation in PowerPoint Plus Examples of Animated PowerPoint Templates

How To Add Animation in PowerPoint

March 30, 2020| slideuplift
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This blog explains how to add animation in PowerPoint. Powerpoint Animations can add a lot of shine to your presentations. PowerPoint allows you to animate both texts as well as objects in the slide. Creative animations and visually rich slides create a more profound impact as visuals engage an audience more thoroughly than any other medium.

You don’t have to be a PowerPoint expert to make these animations. PowerPoint has some cool features and options which allow you to make the ppt slides eye-catchy and exciting.

Animated PowerPoint Templates turn your dreary presentation into an appealing one. These templates use creative infographics, bright colors, and creative presentation animations to make it attractive. Try Free Animated Powerpoint Template to get started.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to add animation in PowerPoint and create a vibrant and dynamic animated presentation that brings elements to your presentation alive. You can also explore several pre-designed PowerPoint Animation Templates to get a detailed idea.

How to Add Animation in PowerPoint: 

To present the animation on click of the mouse

  • Select the shapes and Group them – CTRL+G
  • Select the shape > Animations > Fly-In (choose any animation of your choice)
  • Animation Pane > Right-click > Start on click

Close the Animation Pane and select slide show to view the animation.

To present the animation Automatically –

  • Animation Pane > Right-click > Start after previous

To make it appear from different directions –

  • Animations Tab > Effect Options > (select the effect of your choice)

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Check out a few examples of animated PowerPoint templates and make your presentation or idea compelling to the audience. –

30 60 90 day plan for executives

30 60 90 Day Plan for Executives

View Animated 30 60 90 day plan Template

Animated Timeline PowerPoint

Animated Timeline PowerPoint

View Animated timeline template


Animated Roadmap template

Animated Roadmap Template

View Animated Roadmap template

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