Product Description:

The 3Cs Marketing PowerPoint Template is designed to capture the attention of the audience. It is ideal for marketers, product managers, sales teams, business owners and executives, researchers, and educators. The template has a header at the top that can be modified. The slide below it is divided into three columns where the 3Cs are explained in different colors. 

To the left, the icon and placeholder are regarding Competitors. In the center, the Company details are mentioned with the help of an icon and data. To the right, is the Customer presented with its icon and information. There is room for additional information below the header, where the subtitle can be mentioned along with the summary or required data. This design of the marketing PPT template can be easily adapted for a variety of marketing purposes. 

Competitive analysis, value proposition development, customer-centric marketing, and content marketing inspirations can be done with the help of this 3C template. This template is customizable as per the need of the brand and it is only compatible with PowerPoint. Try our templates without paying a cent! Search free PowerPoint templates to get access to our trial membership plan, which gives you 2-day access to our selective templates for free.