Product Description:

Agenda Template for PowerPoint & Google Slides 12

With the Agenda 12 PowerPoint Template, you can share how to better your project, goals, and organization and discuss the problems that are stopping your growth. This agenda slides template is a tool that can make your clients see eye to eye with you.

Dominating the left side of the slide is a vertical band that boldly states “AGENDA” alongside a series of large numbers from 01 to 05. Each number corresponds to a particular topic on the agenda. This numbering makes it easy for viewers to follow the flow of the presentation and understand the sequence of topics discussed.

Next to each number, there is ample space provided to write a short description for each agenda. This allows you to give an overview of each point and expand on it if necessary. The light and dark gray background gradient and the dashed lines with a dark-colored circle at one end, separate the sections of the slide. This creates a clear path for the eye to follow, enhancing the organized appearance of the slide.

With professional PowerPoint templates free download, you have the option to customize the color, font, and background to match your presentation’s requirements. Agenda 12 PowerPoint Template can be used with popular software like MS PowerPoint and Google Slides.