Product Description:

Agenda Slide PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 28

The Agenda Slide PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 28 can help you plan your meeting or event. This template is designed so that a central circle connects to eight colorful banners, giving it a three-dimensional effect. Each banner is numbered and paired with an icon and space for text. These visual elements ensure that each agenda item stands out, making it easier for viewers to follow the discussion points.

Using this template, you can set up your presentation, conference, or meeting by listing the topics or tasks you plan to cover in detail. The colored banner distinguishes every point on the slide and adds visual appeal. Simple icons beside each agenda item offer a visual reference, helping with information retention. This PowerPoint agenda template can be used by professionals such as managers, team leads in HR, or anyone organizing meetings that need a platform for sharing ideas.

It is designed to capture viewers’ attention with its simple design and bright colors. You can easily customize the slides according to your needs by changing the text, icons, or color. Moreover, it is compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides, ensuring platform adaptability.

How to use the  Product:

You can start by changing the title from “Business Agenda PowerPoint template” to a heading appropriate for your meeting. Then, fill out each of the eight sections with the topics or events in the sequence in which they are to be discussed. It is recommended that you substitute the placeholder text with descriptions and adjust icons as needed to correspond with each agenda item. Keep your descriptions brief so everyone can easily understand.

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