Product Description:

The Animated Project Comparison Presentation Template is a simple and minimalist presentation template that provides you with a medium to compare the outcomes of a decision. This template takes inspiration from a basic pros and cons list to present to an audience. 

This template has a white undertone with blue and orange accents that help amplify the visuals to engage with the audience. Two slides are connected with a circle, with the pros listed on the left slide and the cons listed on the right. The comparison slide template uses the Push transition to switch from one slide to the next, which helps improve the visual quality and retains the audience’s attention. 

These animated PowerPoint templates can be used in any professional setting when explaining a decision or making an executive decision as part of a team. It also has many other uses, with practical applications in educational and informal settings. This template has elements that can be edited per the user’s requirements and is compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.