Product Description:

The Ben Series A Pitch Deck for PowerPoint is a simplistic and easy-to-understand presentation template that uses minimal elements to attract the viewer’s attention and engage with them. This template helps retain the audience’s attention and helps to maintain a minimal aesthetic to the slides. A Series A pitch deck is the second round of fundraising, which is especially important for attracting new investors. 

This pitch deck uses a white-dominated background for all of its slides, contributing to the minimal aesthetic and focusing on the negative space of the slides. There are hints of light blue that ever so slightly help in adding to the template’s charm. Using graphs, illustrations, images, shapes, maps, progress bars, timelines, and charts adds more visual appeal to professional PowerPoint templates, removing the reliance on text to highlight important information. 

Businesses progressing toward a new product or service launch phase can use these pitch deck templates. Startups can also use this template to attract new investors for similar reasons. The reliance on multiple visual elements is for depicting all the research that the team has conducted. You can edit and customize the elements to match the brand’s identity per your requirements.