1045+ Project Management PowerPoint Templates

Project Management is the process of monitoring and controlling the execution of the project until a quality deliverable is produced under budget. Project Managers frequently hold meetings to review different aspects of the projects like project planning, project status, and project milestones with other stakeholders. SlideUpLift has created an extensive collection of creative Project Management templates for professionals to showcase their project management-related activities and plans. With the help of these ppt templates, you can effectively showcase all the aspects of your Project Management. We have a comprehensive collection of Project Planning Templates, Project Charter, Project Phases, Project Team to Project Timeline and milestone templates, and Project tracking templates. Download fully editable PowerPoint Templates on important topics like Agile Project Management, Project Review, and Gantt Chart templates. Our Project Management PowerPoint Templates are compatible with both MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. All our Project management templates are also available in google slides templates. We also have a wide range of PowerPoint templates for free for your other management needs.


What Do I Need To Know About Project Management?

Every piece of work is a project if it is planned to achieve a specific goal and that is why every project needs management so that it can be completed within budget and on time. Project Management is divided into four major phases namely Initiation, Planning, Monitoring, and Closure. Project initiation and planning define the scope of a project, roles, and responsibilities, Project milestones, risk mitigation plan, etc. for the successful execution of the project. Project Monitoring ensures that the project is On the track, highlights any issues and Closure ensures that all the deliverables of the project are high quality and provides support upon completion.

What Are Some Project Management Tools?

There are many project management tools that are employed to plan and implement projects. The most common project management tools are Gantt Charts and Work Breakdown Structure. These tools are used to define project timelines and split major tasks into small more manageable tasks respectively. Companies also use team management tools such as Microsoft Teams and Asana to track tasks and team performance.

What Are The Functions Of Project Management?

Project Management functions can be divided into five different phases in order to successfully complete and execute a project. The Phases Initiation Phase, Planning Phase, Execution Phase, Monitoring Phase, and Closure Phase. The Project Management process is implemented to ensure cost controls, manage quality, and that the project gets completed on time, within scope and budget.

Why Does Project Management Matter?

Project Management is important for every project because it defines a plan for the project, schedules tasks and events, encourages teamwork and setup communication structure, maximizes resource utilization, controls cost, and manages quality. Project managers also devise a mitigation plan in case anything goes with the project.