Project Team

The project team includes the project manager and the group of individuals, .i.e. the team, who work together on a particular project to achieve its goals and objectives. An effective team plan must clearly define roles and responsibilities, clear direction, effective collaboration and communication, and reporting structure of the project. A project team comprises employees usually belonging to different departments, performing various functions, and carrying out the task for the project.  Using our customizable templates, you can showcase team members’ qualities, skills, and expertise to the clients, management, or stakeholders creatively. Highlight your team plan using our customizable team structure templates, RASCI Matrix, roles and responsibilities, agile project team structure, and many more. 

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What does a project team do?

The project team is responsible for ensuring the project objectives and specific team deliverables are met by contributing to project activities and executing the project manager's assigned tasks. These tasks are needed to be within the expected quality standards and on track with the project schedule to ensure the project is successful.

Who is involved in a project team?

The project team includes the project manager and the team members who work together on a particular project to achieve its objectives. A project team consists of the project manager, project management staff, and other team members who may not be directly involved with management but carry out the project's work. They are required to have the necessary skill set to carry out the work of the project.

How do you form a project team?

  • Select your team: Choose the people best suited for your project bearing the right skills.
  • Set the rules: Set the rules at the very start of your project and make sure your team follows them.
  • Set up goals: Set clear goals for your team members that should be mutually achievable.
  • Set Communication Plan: Set clear communication and interaction plan so that your team members can highlight their progress and concerns.

What makes a good project team?

An effective project team is always aware of their goals, and they understand them very well. To build an effective project team, the project manager needs to create shared goals with the team members. Ultimately, when a project team understands its mission, all the members will work together to accomplish the same objectives for completing the project.