Product Description:

Pitch deck is a powerful presentation method that companies frequently use to emphasize telling investors or stakeholders about their plans for a new product or service. An optimal pitch deck consists of a general problem statement and a solution that addresses the issue raised. There is a presentation of suitable action plans, research-backed data analysis that can be compared with major competitors, and more. A compelling pitch deck can raise venture financing or boost public trust in a company. Series C decks refer to the last round of fundraising, where the organization raises money for the project.

The Comply Advantage Series C Pitch Deck slide template follows a contrasting color theme in itself. Slides shift from a darker navy shade to a lighter mint color, even finding a way to incorporate the varying shades on the same slide. The slideshow begins by addressing the problem the organization plans to tackle. Multiple slides dive into the deep nuances of the identified issue, even showing the research that was conducted to conclude. The solution is offered along with the product overview, which provides methods that directly tackle the problem that was found. The slideshow relies on past projects’ success and data to emphasize the current project’s needs.

Firms with multiple solutions for identified problems can use this template as it dedicates multiple slides to address the problems effectively. All the slides presented in the template are 100% customizable, so users can use them to present any product. Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, all elements of the template, including text, font, images, and color, are customizable and editable. For more PPT templates such as this one, visit the SlideUpLift website.