Product Description:

The Lean3 Principle Project Management Presentation for PowerPoint and Google Slides is an organized and well-defined template that helps you emphasize your goals and present a project. The Lean principle is a set of management practices that you can implement to reduce time wastage and improve efficiency. 

The template uses white as its primary color, which guides the viewer’s attention to the content rather than distracts them. The use of accent colors, yellow, green, and blue, adds vibrancy to the content and is relied upon to be used in all the elements used. The use of visual elements such as tables, arrows, and shapes further helps alleviate the quality of the project management PowerPoint template.

Professional PowerPoint templates can be used by business professionals, especially team leaders and the decision-makers of an organization, to present to their team members and align their goals and objectives. You can edit the elements to match the organization’s theme and customize them per your requirements and preferences. The template is compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides.