Product Description:

Matrix Template Collection for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Matrix is an effective decision-making tool that presenters use in their presentations to showcase analysis and comparison between two or more sets of data. It uses a unique approach to visualize complex relationships and helps individuals make informed decisions. It is a business framework that uses rows and columns to showcase information.

This collection offers a diverse range of 20+ effective and visually appealing professional PowerPoint templates, each with a unique matrix layout. There are multiple types of templates with different dimensions in this collection, such as the 2x2, 3x3, 3x2, and 4x3 templates. However, you can customize the dimension according to your presentation needs. In this collection, you will find different varieties of templates. This includes the BCG matrix template, SWOT analysis template, industry analysis template, and competitor analysis template.

These templates are 100% customizable; you can easily edit icons, images, fonts, and backgrounds. Additionally, they are compatible with both MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. Professionals such as marketing or sales managers, project managers, business analysts, and anyone who wants to present information in a structured format can benefit from this matrix template.