Harvey Balls PowerPoint

Harvey Balls are circular shapes used to represent qualitative, i.e., non-numerical data, by indicating the extent to which a particular value meets the assigned benchmark. Charts and graphs are great while working with numerical data. Still, when it comes to the graphical representation of non-numerical data, only a few data representation tools come to the rescue. If you’re looking for some great Harvey Balls PowerPoint, then this is your pit-stop. If you’re facing difficulties in representing your non-numerical data, Harvey Balls can be a great choice for you. Using our Harvey Balls PowerPoint, you can easily represent your non-numerical data like satisfaction, quality, likeability, taste, etc. easily and accurately. It is not difficult to use Harvey Balls in PPT; you can download our 100% editable templates, which are also compatible with Google Slides. If you want to know how to add Harvey Balls in PowerPoint, we recommend browsing through the FAQs we mentioned below.

Learn how to use Harvey Balls in PowerPoint plus a few template examples of Harvey balls.