Product Description:

Harvey ball is a circular shape diagram mostly used for comparison in PowerPoint presentations. Harvey Balls provides richer information to the audience and an easier way to summarize in a product comparison table. While trying to visualize the product data, Harvey balls are a better alternative to numbers or text, helping you quickly understand the product’s strengths and weaknesses. Harvey ball is used to compare the product parameters like weight, quality, price, profit, etc. Using the Harvey ball PowerPoint templates, you can easily represent various products like market share, popularity, market position, and discounts in a single frame. This Harvey Ball PPT template for product comparison is very helpful in presentation, as the audience can get a quick update about various parameters of products at a glance. In this Product comparison template, you can easily compare the different products against multiple factors. This Harvey balls comparison template can be used for a particular product to assess differences between their features. This template is useful for comparing qualitative information, such as quality, features, usability, and affordability.
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