Product Description:

Harvey Balls Template Collection for PowerPoint & Google Slides

Harvey Balls are generally used by presenters to indicate the status of a particular project phase or task. These are tiny circular-shaped elements that are partially or fully filled according to the status of the topic being represented. The tasks that are 25% completed can be represented by a quarter-filled Harvey ball, 50% completed can be represented by a half-filled Harvey ball, and fully filled for 100%. This helps save time when it comes to explaining complex and lengthy information.

This collection consists of 15+ unique and effective professional PowerPoint templates, each using Harvey balls in a creative manner. There are multiple types of templates in this collection, one of which is the product performance template. In this template, on the left side, you can list your product categories and the performance indicators on the top, placed in a horizontal manner. Further, according to each indicator, you can use Harvey balls to indicate the particular product’s performance.

Likewise, there are many other kinds of templates, such as action plan templates, technology roadmap templates, and project phase Harvey Balls PowerPoint Template.

These are easy-to-use templates. You can conveniently customize the Harvey balls according to your presentation needs. The icons, fonts, images, and backgrounds are also easy to customize. You can download and use these templates in MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. 

These can be used by:

1. Project managers: for indicating the status of a project or project phases

2. Product managers: for indicating product performance in the market

3. Business executives: to showcase the implied strategies and how well they are functioning

4. Marketing teams: can utilize these for the representation of comparative data or performance metrics

5. Sales teams: can be used to showcase customer satisfaction levels