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Project Brief Templates

The Project brief is nothing but an overview of the project highlighting the scope, objectives, and budget. A Project brief is usually the first slide of a project. Project brief templates help, you briefly describe the Key points, scope, and objectives of the project.
Our collection of project brief templates lets the project managers summarize the project to their audience. Every project holds importance for business development. The project brief examples help in defining the client’s requirements for the project’s developments. There are several other Project Management Templates like Project Charter Templates, Project Scope Templates, and many more.

What is a Project brief document?

A project brief is a document that includes the project scope, its objectives, budget, and overview. It basically communicated the project approach and the team’s process for managing the project according to the scope. A project always starts with a project brief.

How do you write a project brief?

The length of a project brief depends on how intricate the project is and the scope and scale.
  1. Company Profile: Always start with the company profile, its products, and services, its location, its mission-vision, etc., for a better understanding of your audience. You can make use of our company profile templates.
  2. Project overview: Give a brief overview/ summary of the project.
  3. Project objectives: Depending on the project’s objectives and clearly defined goals, you can measure a project’s success. You can make use of our SMART goals templates to identify your project's SMART objectives.
  4. Target Audience: Clearly define the market segment you are targeting. You can use our collection of target audience templates.
  5. Project Budget: The most crucial factor is your project budget, without which it won’t be possible for the project to move or start as scheduled.