Project Review

Make use of our collection of 100% editable project review templates. A project review is an assessment of a project’s status at the end of each project phase: Initiation, planning, and Execution. At the end of each phase, it is essential to check whether all the objectives have been met and approved by the project team to be able to move on to the next phase. Performing a project management review at the end of each project phase is critical to the project’s success because it allows the Project Sponsor to control the progress of the project and make sure that it passes through each Project Phase smoothly. The purpose of the project management review process is to provide a team with a clear and to-the-point understanding of the steps required to complete the project as per requirements. With our templates’ help, you can review the project’s current status, timeline, schedule, and budget.

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What is a project review in project management?

A Project review in project management is a status assessment of a project, generally undertaken at the end of each Project Phase. It helps in identifying the current status of the project. The Project Review highlights the deliverables to determine whether the project has met the objectives set according to their projected timeline. Project Managers widely use Project Review Templates to showcase the progress of their projects to senior management.

Why is project review important?

Project managers conduct Project reviews to ensure that the project is on track according to the projected timeline, and there are no anticipated issues. Periodic Project reviews keep the team members accountable and responsible for their deliverables on time. Project reviews also highlight risks and issues in the project and help resolve them without wasting too much time. Also, Project review ensures that project goals are on track and accomplished.

What is a project review process?

A Project Management Review is an exercise undertaken at the end of each project phase to identify the project’s current status. The project review identifies the deliverables which have been produced to date and determines whether or not the project has met the objectives set.