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5 Organizational Chart Archetypes for PowerPoint Presentations (including Templates)

When we think about organizational charts, we frequently think of top-down, pyramid-like charts represented visually.

The fact remains, that this is only one of many different variants of business organizational structures that exist today. Companies having similar business models, industries, and sizes, can have vastly different organizational structures. 

This is because a structure that works for one organization may not work for another. Furthermore, organizational charts often make a design statement about the organization’s values, culture, and philosophies.

So, which organizational chart style best reflects your company and its business? This is what we’ll discuss today!

We’ll explain what business organizational charts are all about, show you some cool examples and amazing templates along the way, and how to customize these templates for your own company.

What is an organizational chart?

An organizational chart is basically a representation of the structure of a company in a visual manner. It emphasizes the structure of teams and departments, the reporting links throughout the company, and each individual’s job and duties. 

What is the need for organizational charts in a business?

Here are some reasons why you need organizational charts:

  • An organizational chart informs stakeholders who is in charge of the ship. They can see who makes up the leadership team as well as the ability, expertise, and experience that drives the business at a glance. 
  • An organizational chart aids everyone in the organization in understanding the line of command. A company organizational chart can assist everyone in comprehending the big picture of the company’s processes and other sorts of choices. Every employee onboarding process requires a clear organizational structure.
  • An organization chart assists new recruits in getting to know their coworkers. They learn who is in charge of certain areas, who the top staff members are, and what departments exist inside the company. More significantly, they grasp how their specific function fits into the overall organizational framework.
  • An organizational chart explains how changes inside a corporation affect them. People are promoted, relocated to other teams/departments, or requested to report to new bosses when businesses develop or shrink. These changes in leadership, team duties, and who everyone reports to are reflected in a corporate organizational chart.
  • An organizational chart is an excellent tool for communicating your brand. Organizational charts are now used to represent the principles and ideas of a company. Hierarchy, cooperation, inclusion, and other themes are represented in this diagram.

5 Best Organizational Chart Templates for PowerPoint

While you can create org charts in PowerPoint using SmartArt and Shapes, templates for org charts can be a convenient way to save time and create something easy to understand.

Professionally created layouts also take into consideration varied organizational structures and hierarchical demands, and they can improve the aesthetic attractiveness of your charts. If you require an organizational structure template, check out our list of excellent PowerPoint organizational chart templates below.

1. Matrix Organisational Chart

Matrix Organizational Chart

Matrix Organizational Chart

Source: Matrix Organizational Chart by SlideUpLift

This organizational chart is a matrix framework. The reporting links are represented as a matrix in this case (a grid). This kind of chart can be used to demonstrate the work relationships (i.e., which engineers report to which project managers and how they should report to each other) among individuals who work on a project.

2. Flat Structure Org Chart

Project Team Structure Org Chart

Project Team Structure Org Chart

Source: Project Team Structure Org Chart by SlideUpLift

Sometimes organizational structure is flat with large spans of controls- this often occurs in short-term project situations. As a result, it seems more difficult to comprehend. 

It should come as no surprise that such a flat organizational structure visualization divides employees into groups. A team organizational structure is intended to disrupt the conventional hierarchy by emphasizing problem-solving, and collaboration, and providing employees with greater power.

3. Network Organizational Structure

Network Org Chart

Network Organizational Chart

Source: Network Org Chart by SlideUpLift

Many firms nowadays use a range of options to get work done- and coordinating a plethora of suppliers, subcontractors, freelancers, offsite areas, and satellite offices can be challenging. 

A network organizational structure makes sense of resource distribution. It may also refer to an organizational structure that emphasizes open communication and connections above hierarchy.

This organizational chart template demonstrates 4 different teams and their member organizations operating under their leader.

4.  Project Team Organization Chart

Project Team Org Chart

Project Team Organizational Structure

Source: Project Team Org Chart by SlideUpLift

A project team consists of individuals with varying competencies; it is a resource team that combines several areas of work expertise. This PowerPoint org chart template is great for displaying the project team members’ profiles and the expertise they bring in.

5. Standard Hierarchical Org Chart

These archetypes cover the traditional organizational structures that have a hierarchy and clear lines of accountability. There are many ways to visualize this. 

Two-sided Chart

Two Sided Org Chart

Two-Sided Org Chart

Source: Two-Sided Org Chart by SlideUpLift

A chart like this allows the user to separate line leadership from functional leadership for example on one side, you can put the lines of businesses eg P&L organizations, and on the other, you can put the functions eg HR, finance, etc. 

Circular Organization Structure

Circular Org Chart

Circular Organization Chart

Source: Circular Org Chart by SlideUpLift

This is a unique representation of an otherwise hierarchical structure. It’s easier to communicate the idea of an “inner circle” and the extended organization via this template.

Circular 3D Org Chart

3D Organization Structure

3D Organization Structure

Source: 3D Organization Structure by SlideUpLift

This template uses 3D circular patterns to generate 3D visuals that are designed to be unique and eye-catching. You can duplicate, add, or delete placeholders to add or remove components. Similarly, by formatting the shapes from the Ribbon menu, you can modify the color, size, and overall look of the charts.

Tree Diagram Org Chart

Tree Diagram Org Chart

Tree Diagram Org Structure

Source: Tree Diagram Org Chart by SlideUpLift

Tree Diagram for PowerPoint is a basic yet effective PowerPoint template that includes a blank tree diagram that you can alter to meet your specific requirements. This free diagram template for PowerPoint presentations allows you to create organizational charts and family trees in PowerPoint. Using PowerPoint and this tree diagram, you can make nearly any hierarchical representation.

Organizational Chart With Profile

Org Structure With Profile

Org Structure With Profile

Source: Org Structure Chart With Profile by SlideUpLift

This is a simple and visual way to showcase the team members- it is normally used to highlight the leadership team rather than the structure itself.

Low Span of Control Chart

Low Span Of Control Org Chart

Low Span Of Control Org Chart

Source: Low Span Of Control Org Chart by SlideUpLift

This template is better suited for teams with low spans of control. Users can choose a department and see the employee allocation in that department.

The wonderfully designed org chart can be used to display the line of command via each department member. This organizational chart can be supplemented with actual images of the members.

Free Org Chart

Free Org Chart Structure

Free Org Chart Structure

Source: Free Org Chart Structure by SlideUpLift

Wrapping It Up

An organizational chart is required for every company. This helps to streamline the organization and ensures that the right people are doing the right jobs.

Fortunately, presenting this information to an audience is extremely simple today, thanks to a plethora of tools and templates. The organizational chart templates provided in this post can serve as a solid beginning point for your PowerPoint presentation!

Take advantage of any of the organizational chart PowerPoint templates right now. Quickly customize it to get started with investor presentations or new recruit onboarding. In case you want to make one for yourself, learn how to make an org chart in PowerPoint. You can browse through our collection of PowerPoint Themes and Google Slides Themes for ready-to-use presentation themes.

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