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How to Create An Org Chart in Google Slides Presentation?

Showcasing an organizational structure can be complex in presentations. An organizational chart clearly shows the relationships between different positions and departments within your organization. Create an org chart in Google Slides by following the detailed steps given in this blog.

An org chart represents a company’s hierarchical structure and shows the relationships between different positions and departments within an organization. Org charts can be helpful when introducing your team, discussing a company’s hierarchy, or showcasing project roles. Hence, it would be best to consider learning how to create an org chart in Google Slides.

An Organizational chart showcases complex structures and relationships easily. You can either use org chart templates or create one from scratch. Follow this blog to learn how to make an org chart in Google Slides.

What Is An Org Chart?

What is an org chart?

An org chart is a graphical representation of an organization’s hierarchical structure. It clearly showcases the hierarchy or chain of command in an organization, along with each member’s roles and responsibilities. Organizations of all types, such as commercial, government, or educational, can use this chart to outline their structure.

Org charts in Google Slides can be structured in various ways and have multiple applications. They could be employed, for instance, as a personnel directory, planning tool, or management tool. Suppose you have hired new employees for your business. Then, you need to explain to them the hierarchy, including all the stakeholders. In that case, an org chart is helpful as it explains the structure to your new employees. 

Creating an org chart in Google Slides will help you take your team and company to the next level, whether you’re a business owner, manager, or team leader.

Where To Use Org Charts?

Here are different instances where you can use org charts:

  1. Company Introduction: To overview company hierarchy and key personnel during introductory presentations.
  2. Employee Onboarding: To help new hires understand the organization’s structure and identify key contacts.
  3. Project Team Formation: Discussing project teams and their members can help visualize who is responsible for various project tasks.
  4. Business Proposals: It helps to showcase the team’s expertise and roles in executing the proposed project.
  5. Performance Reviews: Illustrate employee performance and reporting relationships, which can be valuable for discussing promotions and development.

How To Make An Org Chart In Google Slides?

Let’s first consider creating an org chart from scratch in Google Slides. You can do this using Shapes or built-in templates provided by Google Slides. Let’s discuss the two options in detail now.

How To Create An Org Chart In Google Slides From Scratch?

Utilizing an org chart template for your presentations saves time, but creating from scratch allows you to customize your org chart seamlessly. If you wish to make an org chart from scratch, follow the steps below:

How to Create hierarchy presentation
  1. Open Google Slides presentation and choose a slide.
  2. Click “Insert” from the menu > “Shapes.” This will provide a menu with different shapes for you to select from.
  3. Decide on the desired form/shape. Next, select the shape’s size by clicking and dragging the pointer across the slide. When you release it, the shape will be added to the slide. Holding “Down Arrow + Shift” while dragging will maintain the shape’s symmetry. This will enable you to position an exact square, circle, or other form.
  4. Change the shape’s color by going to “Fill colors.”
  5. Put the shapes in the hierarchical order to create an org chart in Google Slides.
  6. Choose “Insert”> “Line.” A drop-down menu with available connection lines will appear. For this chart, choose the connecting line that you want to use. (The Elbow Connector line is generally the best option.)
  7. After you’ve chosen a line, hover your cursor over one of your forms. The shape’s edges will have purple dots that indicate possible line-starting locations.
  8. To start a line, click on the desired dot and drag it until it reaches a different shape. You can adjust the purple dots that will also appear on this form to choose where you want the line to link. To position the line, hover over the appropriate dot and let go.
  9. Once the line has been selected, you can adjust its color and other attributes using the menu. Repeat this step as necessary until all the shapes in your chart are correctly connected.
  10. You can now add text in each shape. Double-click a shape to add text, such as names and job titles. Adjust the text’s font, size, and color to your liking.
  11. Continue doing this until your organization chart contains all of the required text.

TIP: Mostly, every element in your organizational chart will have the same shape. A quick way to do this is to copy and paste the shape after selecting it.

How To Make An Org Chart In Google Slides Using A Template?

Follow the steps below to make org charts in Google Slides using a template:

  1. Open your Google Slides presentation and choose a slide.
  2. Click “Insert” from the menu, then choose “Diagram” from the drop-down list. A sidebar will appear, displaying several diagram categories, including “Grid” and “Hierarchy.”
  3. Choose the category named “Hierarchy”. There will be a new sidebar with different org chart templates.
  4. Choose three, four, or five levels for your chart. Next, select the chart’s base color. The org chart template below will automatically update as you adjust these parameters.
  5. Select your preferred diagram style. The diagram you have selected will show up in your open slide.
  6. Your chart’s lines and shapes can be styled however you choose. You can edit one element at a time or several simultaneously by holding “Down Arrow + Shift” while selecting each. 
  7. Type the desired text into each shape. 
How to Make an Organization Chart in Using a Template

How To Create An Org Chart In Google Slides With Slideuplift’s Templates?

If you are looking for another option for creating an org chart in Google Slides with ease and pleasing visual appeal, then you can opt for Slideuplift’s org chart templates. We provide multiple templates with various themes and backgrounds suitable to individuals from various industries. Follow the below steps to learn how to create an org chart with Slideupift’s templates:

  1. Go to Slideuplift and type “Org chart” in the search bar provided on the homepage.
  2. Hundreds of templates will appear. Choose a template that you think suits your requirements.
  3. Download the template. All the templates are available for both aspect ratios- 4:3 and 16:9.
  4. Now, open the downloaded template in Google Slides.
  5. Customize and edit the template by filling in your data.
  6. Add colors, background images, or logos to align the presentation with your brand identity better. 
  7. Review all the changes and Save the presentation.

The following sections will discuss some of the best org chart templates for you to try.

Org Chart Templates

We understand that creating presentations from scratch can be time-consuming. Don’t worry; we have got you covered. We have created various templates for you. All of our templates are fully editable and customizable according to your preferences. They come with placeholders where you can directly input your information. Simply download our templates and start using them to create outstanding presentations.

Here are the top Org Chart Google Slides templates from SlideUpLift that you can use while preparing your org chart in Google Slides:

Matrix Organizational Chart Template

Shows Matrix Organizational Structure Chart Template
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HR professionals, project managers, and business leaders can use this template. It has a 4*4 matrix design, with the General Manager at the top and other managers below. Then, employees are placed in teams of the respective managers. For example, marketing people will be placed under the marketing manager, and so on. The template clearly depicts the hierarchy and reporting channel for the employees to follow.   

Flat Org Chart Template

Shows Org Chart Google Slides Template
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This is one of the simplest org chart templates for individuals, startups, or modern organizations. It has a very simple design: the senior member is placed at the top, followed by different managers and employees from the respective departments. You can add more employees to the chart, or you can subtract them if you have a smaller team. You can also add pictures of your employees. Format this template of org chart in Google Slides as you like and create amazing presentations.

Organizational Chart Template

Shows Org Chart Google Slides Template
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This template is designed differently to make you stand out in your presentations. Apart from outlining the organizational hierarchy, this template also showcases who the decision-makers, influencers, and strategists are. It has three circular markers to tag the employees for the three categories. Hence, it provides better knowledge about the people responsible for running the organization.

Circular Organizational Structure Template

Shows Circular Org Chart Template
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This org chart has a circular or radial design. It has multiple circular or radial layers that showcase the employees in a hierarchical order. Senior professionals are placed at the bottom, and the hierarchy continues to the top, with junior employees placed at the top. The radial layers are incremental in size to show the hierarchy channels. You can add or subtract layers as you need. The template is fully customizable and you can format this template of org chart in Google Slides.

Project Team Organization Chart Template

Shows Project Team Org Chart Google Slides Template
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This template is ideal for project managers, coordinators, and instructors. It is designed to showcase all the assigned members of your project teams. The Project manager is placed at the top, followed by my team leads. These team leads are then followed by the respective team members. This org chart enhances effective communication and teamwork amongst your project team members. 

Org Chart Templates Collection


In today’s fast-paced, information-driven world, organizational chart templates are crucial for clearly communicating organizational structures and roles. Simplify complex information and expedite decision-making and communication with SlideUpLift’s Presentation templates. All the templates of the org chart in Google Slides are customizable. They empower your team, clients, and stakeholders to grasp your organization’s structure effortlessly, saving valuable time and resources.


  1. What's the purpose of using Org Charts in presentations?

    Org Charts are used to visually represent an organization’s structure, roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships in a clear and concise manner.

  2. How to make an Org Chart in Google Slides from scratch?

    You can create Org Charts in Google Slides from scratch by inserting shapes and lines to represent positions and reporting relationships. This method allows for greater customization.

  3. How can Org Chart templates from SlideUpLift be helpful?

    Org Chart templates from SlideUpLift provide pre-designed structures that can save time, ensuring a professional touch.

  4. How to edit org chart in Google Slides?

    To edit an Org Chart in Google Slides, simply click on the chart to select it, then use the “Edit” or “Customize” options to modify shapes, labels, lines, and colors, ensuring your chart accurately reflects the organizational structure and hierarchy.

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