How to Create An Org Chart in PowerPoint | Make An Organizational Chart in PowerPoint | (Free Org Chart Template Included)

How To Make An Org Chart In PowerPoint | PowerPoint Tutorial

January 5, 2021| slideuplift
How to make an org chart in PowerPoint | PowerPoint Tutorial

Organizational charts are a handy tool to help understand the company’s hierarchy or the internal structure and the relationship between the different entities. It defines the role of each individual in the company. These are a perfect way to illustrate the ranks, responsibilities, or information flow in the company. The top of an org chart showcases the highest-ranking individual, and the other individuals are placed in the subsequent boxes according to the hierarchy. You can also learn the popular types of organization chart templates that businesses use.

A company’s or global project team’s structure can be confusing. A well-designed org chart clearly outlines this and ensures that both customers and employees can always find the person they’re looking for. This PowerPoint tutorial is a quick guide on how to make an org chart in powerpoint  – 

How to make an org chart in PowerPoint using Smart Art – 

Step 1 Insert The SmartArt Graphic 

Insert > SmartArt > Hierarchy 

Step 2Insert Text 

Click on {TEXT} in the box and insert the text. 

Step 3 (Optional) – To add more blocks to the org chart- 

           Add Shapes > select from the different options

Step 4 – Formatting 

There are different options available to make your Org chart PowerPoint template attractive. 

SmartArt Design > Change Colors, layouts, etc

Watch this stepwise video tutorial on how to make an org chart in PowerPoint to get a detailed idea – 

But don’t let this traditional layout prevent you from thinking outside of the box. Try using these different ways of showcasing the organizational structure of your company  – 

org chart powerpoint templates

View Org Chart PPT Template 
org chart powerpoint templates

View Org Chart PPT

org chart powerpoint template

View Org Chart PPT  Template 

org chart powerpoint template

View Org Chart PPT

org chart in powerpoint

View Org Chart PPT Template 

You can check out our extensive collection of all different types of Org Chart Templates.

Free PowerPoint Organizational Chart

View Free Organizational chart Template PowerPoint


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