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Quick Tutorial To Remove The Background From An Image And To Make A Background Transparent

PowerPoint has many built-in features that can help you edit images, just like any other professional photo editing tool does. In this tutorial, we will discuss-

What is Background Removal?

Sometimes you find a good picture, but you don’t require the background color or the other elements at the back. For, e.g., you have a picture of a flower, and you don’t want its cluttered background, you can get rid of it and come up with a clean background less picture in a few clicks in PowerPoint. 

Why Remove the Background from an Image using PowerPoint?

  • It helps in making the slide less busy and clean.
  • It removes the unwanted and distracting elements, making the vital message show up.
  • It is an easy alternative to complicated and expensive graphic designing tools.
  • It saves time and money.

Steps to Remove Background from an Image with PowerPoint

There are two ways to remove the background, and it depends on the kind of background the image has. In an image with a solid background, PowerPoint automatically detects the solid background and can be removed instantly. Images with objects or elements in the background can be done with PowerPoint’s background removal tool.

Method 1 – (Images with a solid background)

  1. Insert the image
  2. Select the image and go to – Format > Color > Set Transparent color
  3. Click over the solid background you wish to remove, and it’s done.

Method 2 – (Images with objects or elements in the background)

  1. Select the image on the slide.
  2. Navigate to “Picture Format Tab.”
  3. Select the “Remove Background” command
  4. Adjust the removal settings to-
  5. a)  Keep the area of the image you want to retain
  6. b)  Remove some more part of the image
  7. Click “Keep Changes.”

How to Adjust Removal Settings

1. Mark Areas to KeepWhen you select the remove background command, PowerPoint guesses and removes the background on its own. You can try to fix up any areas it might have missed.

  • Select Mark Areas to Keep
  • Click and draw over the parts of the image you want to keep
  • Click Keep Changes

2. Mark Areas to Remove

To remove an unwanted portion of the image which was incorrectly guessed by PowerPoint, follow the below steps-

  • Select Mark Areas To Remove
  • Click and draw over the parts of the image you want to remove
  • Click Keep Changes

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How to Make a Picture Background Transparent in PowerPoint?

To make the presentation slide clean and less noisy, you can make the background transparent in PowerPoint

Making a picture transparent gives your presentation a professional look makes it stand out from others. It helps in highlighting the text, icons, or other elements in the foreground. 

Whether you are a manager, marketer, entrepreneur, designer, or student, you can use this quick hack to make the background transparent and give the image a softer look. 

Here is how you can make a picture background transparent in PowerPoint.

Step 1 – Insert and select the picture you want to make transparent. 

Step 2 – In the pane on the right side of the screen, you will see a transparency option at the bottom. Scroll the bar or enter a numeric value to make the image transparent.

Here are a few examples with transparent background –

30 60 90 day Plan Template

30 60 90 day Plan Template

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Customer Journey Roadmap

Customer Journey Roadmap

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Quality Compliance Template

Quality Compliance Template

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Watch this video tutorial to get a detailed idea –

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