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How to remove Picture Background in PowerPoint

December 24, 2019| slideuplift
How to remove Picture Background in PowerPoint

This PowerPoint tutorial explains one of the most useful features of PowerPoint –  Background Removal

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What is Background Removal?
PowerPoint has a lot of built-in features that can help you edit images just like any other professional photo editing tool does. Background removal is one such feature. For example, you have got a picture of a flower and you don’t want its cluttered background, you can get rid of it and come up with a clean background less picture and it can be done within PowerPoint.

• Helps in making the slide less busy.
• Removes distracting backgrounds so the important parts are shown up.
• An alternative to complicated and expensive graphic designing tools.
• Saves time and money

Steps to remove background from an image

1. Select the image on the slide.
2. Navigate to “Picture Format Tab”
3. Select the “Remove Background” command
4. Adjust the removal settings to-
a)  Keep the area of the image you want to retain
b)  Remove some more part of the image
5. Click “Keep Changes”

How to adjust removal settings

1. Mark Areas to KeepWhen you select the remove background command, PowerPoint guesses and removes the background on its own. You can try to fix up any areas it might have missed.

  • Select Mark Areas to Keep
  • Click and draw over the parts of the image you want to keep
  • Click Keep Changes

2. Mark Areas to Remove

To remove an unwanted portion of the image which was incorrectly guessed by powerpoint, follow the below steps-

  • Select Mark Areas To Remove
  • Click and draw over the parts of the image you want to remove
  • Click Keep Changes

Watch this video tutorial to get a detailed idea –

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