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7 Must Have PowerPoint Slides For Creating The Perfect Pitch Deck (Plus Examples and Free Pitch Deck Template)

October 22, 2018| slideuplift
7 Must Have PowerPoint Slides For Creating The Perfect Pitch Deck (Plus Examples and Free Pitch Deck Template)

If you’re raising money for your startup, having an impressive pitch deck is a key component in your fundraising toolkit. A great pitch deck gets potential investors excited about your idea and engages them in a conversation about your business, hopefully leading to an investment. Do you know investors spend an average of only 3 mins and 44 seconds on any pitch deck? Therefore the goal of a pitch deck for investors should be to spark their interest in your company.

While every business is different, we believe the following 8 pitch deck powerpoint slides work for most businesses and are most likely to generate interest from potential investors.

  1. Problem Statement
  2. Value Proposition
  3. Business Model
  4. Competitor Analysis
  5. Core Team
  6. Investment Strategy
  7. Milestones

Problem Statement: “A problem well stated is a problem half solved”. The most important goal of any problem statement template in a pitch deck is to articulate the problem being addressed to the investor in a way that’s clear, straightforward, and easy to understand. Succinctly summarize the problem you intend to solve. Back it up with a few appalling statistics to show the gravity of the problem. Showing financial implications helps in building a case for your point.

Here are a few examples of Problem Statement templates for the pitch deck

View Problem Statement Examples

Value Proposition: A value proposition is a promise of value or solution which will solve the problem. It’s the primary reason a prospect should buy from you. In a nutshell, a value proposition for customers is a clear statement that explains how your product solves customers’ problems or improves their situation, delivers specific benefits and tells your target audience why they should buy from you and not from the competition. Create a value proposition template that clearly maps the user’s needs to the benefits offered by your product/services.

Here are a few value proposition template examples to use in your pitch deck

View Value Proposition Templates

Business Model: Business Model describes the rationale of how your startup will create, deliver and capture value. If you already have sales or early adopters using your offerings, talk about that here. Investors want to see that you have proven some aspect of your business model as that reduces risk, so any proof you have that validates that your solution works to solve the problem you have identified is extremely powerful.

You can also use this powerpoint template to talk about your key business strategies. You can talk about your milestones or roadmap in key strategic areas like resourcing, partnerships, sales, and marketing, etc.

Here are a few business model template examples to use in your pitch deck

View Business Model Canvas Templates

Competitor Analysis: Using competitor analysis templates, you can show the competitive landscape and how you are different than your competitors. You can show your relative position w.r.t competition in different aspects of the business – operations, sales, marketing, product features. The key here is to explain what key advantages you have over the competition to highlight “secret sauce” that you have and others don’t.

Here are a few competitor analysis templates to use in your pitch deck

View Competitor Analysis Templates

Core Team: It’s not merely the business idea that convinces the investor to invest, the people who will be working to make the concept successful also acts as the driving force. It is with the backing of experienced and sound teams that even small businesses take off to great heights. Even if you don’t have a complete team yet, identify the key positions that you still need to fill and why those positions are critical to company growth. Consider dedicating one of the powerpoint slides of your Pitch Deck to show your leadership team.

Here are a few team templates to show strong leadership in your company

View Team Templates

Investment Strategy: The investment proposal template is an important PowerPoint slide in your pitch deck on which investors spend the most time. An entrepreneur can (generally) control their costs, but will have far less control over the adoption of their product, and thus their revenue projections will be far more variable than their cost projections. That’s why focus on what will it cost to find out if the business can work? Crisply explain the costs to start and operate the business to achieve key milestones over a certain period of time that maps back to your funding ask. It will also prove to the investors that you understand your costs well and hence will potentially make the right use of funds.

View Financial Planning Templates

Roadmap: You can use roadmap templates to showcase the progress that you have achieved so far and milestones that you aim to hit. Investors would love to know how sound is your roadmapping and timeline planning. What major goals have you achieved so far and what are the major next steps you plan on taking? A product or company roadmap that outlines key milestones will be helpful to include.

Here are a few examples of Roadmap Templates to include in your Pitch Deck

View Roadmap PowerPoint Template

To explore professional Startup pitch decks, check out our Pitch Deck Examples

View Pitch Deck Example

View Pitch Deck Example
Try this free Pitch Deck Template to get started

View Pitch deck Free Template

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