Product Description:

The Blue Background Theme PowerPoint Template has a professional and sleek design suitable for a variety of presentations. The color palette is primarily blue and white which is constant throughout the templates. There is a combination of seven slides with different layouts in this presentation. The user can insert social media contacts on the first and last slide. This PPT theme is suitable for sales pitches, product updates, company reports, training sessions, and team and client meetings. 

The images for PowerPoint have an introductory slide with a title and subtitle space. There is an agenda outlining the topics and order of the presentation. The About Us section introduces the company, the department, or the team. The services offered are presented with the help of icons and placeholders. The project process can be explained with the help of images and data. The company’s future goals are presented for the audience’s engagement. Lastly, the thank you slide expresses gratitude to the viewers for their time and attention. 

Overall, the background PowerPoint templates are versatile and can be adapted to a wide range of presentation topics. It can be customized according to the requirement with the help of PowerPoint and Google Slides.