Product Description:

Pitch Decks are effective presentation methods that businesses often use to emphasize conveying to investors or stakeholders their intentions to develop new products or services. An ideal pitch deck consists of a general problem statement, a solution that addresses the issue at hand, a relevant action plan, and data supported by research that can be compared with that of major competitors. A pitch deck is an effective means of raising venture funding or enhancing an organization’s public image. Series D pitches are made for a fourth round of raising money for the project.

The Claroty Series D Pitch Deck is a visually unique template that shows a data-heavy research plan that shows all of the fundamental research that the firm has conducted. The first few slides use several graphical elements to depict the data found during the research, especially through several line graphs to chart progress and represent appropriate data. There is a slide dedicated to the partners and investors, giving an overview of the firm’s scope and potential. A general introduction about the product is then provided, which details how it fares in the market and against other competitors’ products. A general plan for the future is also depicted graphically, showing the short- and long-term plans. The concluding slide details the team, crediting their efforts to the firm and product. The visually striking color theme deploys a gradient of pink, purple, and red across all slides, which are the brand colors. Multiple slides have graphical depictions of data that are attractive to look at.

Organizations that need a professional business pitch to present their process of research, planning, and solutions could use these PPT templates. All the slides presented in the template are 100% customizable, so users can use them to present any product. Compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, all elements of the template, including text, font, images, and color, are customizable and editable.