Product Description:

The Funnel Process Flow PowerPoint Template provides an efficient way to illustrate a process that progresses through various stages. With its ribbon-like funnel design, this template allows your audience to visualize the transition from one step to the next. This type of a flowchart can be used by professionals in business settings, sales and marketing departments to narrow the target audience. 

At the top of the flow chart template, there is space for you to insert a descriptive title. It helps to communicate the essence of your process to the audience. Each banner includes a section for a brief title aiding in maintaining the sequential order of steps. It features them in purple, teal, gold and pink enhancing the visual appeal of your presentation. Additionally, on the side of each banner there is sufficient space to provide detailed explanations for each step. 

This template is ideal for illustrating manufacturing processes, operational workflows within businesses or guiding project execution. Such visually appealing PowerPoint presentation templates attract the attention of the audience. You can customize this template according to your requirements. Furthermore, it is compatible with Google Slides presentations, for added flexibility.