• Product Comparison PowerPoint Template 1

Harvey balls are round infographics used for visual communication of quantitative information. Harvey Balls Charts are an excellent tool used in comparison tables to indicate the degree to which a particular product meets a particular criterion.

When comparing products, the amount of data is vast, and information such as quality, safety, technology, pricing, etc., is often challenging to summarize clearly. Thus, Harvey Balls PPT templates can be used to present complex information effectively and engagingly.

This Harvey Balls PowerPoint Template allows you to-

  1. Showcase comparison between different products
  2. Perform Competitive Analysis
  3. List various features to differentiate products
  4. Present Data in a visually appealing manner

You can browse our well-designed collection of Harvey Ball PowerPoint here. Also, check out our blog to understand how to use Harvey Balls in PowerPoint Presentation.

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