• Project Phases Planning 1

The Project Phases Planning Template above is a professionally designed slide for business professionals such as – Project Managers, Project Planners, Performing Managers, Team Managers, etc. This PowerPoint slide provides a framework to set up a project plan and visually represent it in a business presentation. The template format helps a project team demonstrate a project roadmap effectively. This template is designed to fulfill various project planning needs of a business presentation.

A project phase template gives a brief project overview and helps you break down complex phases of a project plan into simpler action steps and it has the following 5 phases:

Phase 1: Project Initiation

This phase marks the beginning of a project plan. In this phase, the probability of a project is examined and the project team analyzes whether the project is achievable and should be performed or not.

Phase 2: Project Planning

In this stage, the project leader defines the key aims and the scope of the project plan. The project team develops the project timelines and project management plan that the team will follow work according to.

Phase 3: Project Execution

This phase defines the deliverables and the accomplished tasks of the project plan such as – developing team, assigning resources, executing project management plans, procurement management, setting up tracks, and others.

Phase 4: Project Performance/ Monitoring

In this phase, the team measures the project results and verifies if the project execution is according to the project plan or not.

Phase 5: Project Closure

This stage determines the project completion for a project team. In this stage, value team members are acknowledged and lessons are learned so that the next project plan is an improved version of the current one. 

This template follows a flexible framework of a roadmap that showcases the above project phases and other common project components such as:

  • Project Status
  • Project Timeline
  • Project Milestones
  • Alternative options, etc.

Using this PowerPoint slide, the team can understand the status of the project tasks. This template allows you to add appealing infographics and icons to your project plan to help you highlight various sections in the project roadmap. This slide is compatible with Google Slides and PowerPoint and is widely used by a number of business managers across the world.


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