How to make Jigsaw Puzzle in PowerPoint - PowerPoint Tutorial

How to make Jigsaw Puzzle in PowerPoint – PowerPoint Tutorial

January 10, 2020| slideuplift
How to make Jigsaw Puzzle in PowerPoint - PowerPoint Tutorial

The jigsaw puzzle is a perfect design element to add to your strategy presentations. They are a powerful storytelling tool that can be used to showcase how the pieces of a story fit together. Puzzle shapes can be very useful and can be used for various purposes within the slide. They symbolize the interlinking of ideas, dependencies, collective contribution and more. Scattered puzzles reflect a complex situation or a problem. Therefore, puzzle shape is a good element to illustrate various business ideas.

Creating your own Jigsaw puzzle piece won’t take a lot of time. Learn how to make Jigsaw Puzzle pieces in PowerPoint all by yourself.

Steps to create Puzzle Piece in PowerPoint:

Step 1 – Insert Rectangle and Oval shape
Step 2 – Adjust the size of both the shapes depending on the kind of puzzle you wish to make.
Step 3 – Positioning and alignment – Move the oval to the side of the rectangle and align it to the centre.
Step 4 – Remove outlines – Right-click the shapes, choose Outline > No Outline
Step 5 – Make a cutout –

  • Since we need two ovals to male a puzzle, copy and paste the current oval and position it inside the opposite side of the rectangle. (opposite side of the other oval)
  • Select the rectangle and inner oval, Click Merge > Subtract

Step 6 – Select the remaining shapes and make them union – Merge > Union

Apply effects and colors to make it visually appealing.

Here are a few creatively designed Jigsaw Puzzle Templates 

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