How to Create a Roadmap in PowerPoint? Detailed Tutorial

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How to Create a Roadmap in PowerPoint? Detailed Tutorial
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Last Modified :  January 24, 2024

A roadmap is a visual representation of a plan or strategy, outlining the steps and milestones necessary to achieve a specific goal. They are beneficial for aligning teams and stakeholders, as they provide a common understanding of the goals and objectives that must be achieved.

Roadmaps can be created in various formats, including Gantt charts, flowcharts, and mind maps. They can also be made using multiple tools, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and specialized project management software.

In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of creating a roadmap in PowerPoint, starting from scratch. Whether you are a business owner, project manager, or just looking for a way to organize your ideas visually, this guide will give you the tools you need to create a professional and effective roadmap. Hence, here’s how to create a roadmap in PowerPoint.

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Why is a Roadmap useful for business planning and strategy?

Before we learn how to create a roadmap in PowerPoint, let’s understand why is it important. A roadmap presentation is a useful tool for business planning and strategy for several reasons. These include:

  • Provides a clear overview of the direction that a business is heading: By outlining the steps or milestones needed to achieve a specific goal, a roadmap helps to keep everyone on track and aligned towards the same objective. It is essential for companies with multiple teams or shareholders to make sure that all efforts are aligned to the same goal, thus guaranteeing a successful outcome.
  • Identifies potential roadblocks and challenges: A roadmap can be a great tool to pinpoint any issues needing extra effort and resources to resolve. This allows businesses to address potential issues before they become significant problems proactively.
  • Tracks progress and allows for adjustments: To stay on track toward achieving their goals, businesses can maintain success by routinely assessing and revising their roadmap – while making necessary adaptations.
  • Improves communication and collaboration: A roadmap provides a common understanding of the goals and objectives that need to be achieved, which can improve communication and collaboration among teams and stakeholders.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity: A roadmap can streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary tasks by outlining the steps needed to achieve a goal, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Now, let’s discuss how to build a roadmap in PowerPoint!

How to Create a Roadmap in PowerPoint Using Templates?

To make a professional roadmap with PowerPoint templates, follow the steps mentioned below:

How to Create a Roadmap in PowerPoint using templates

Step 1: Open PowerPoint on your desktop.

Step 2: Navigate to the left sidebar on the start screen and click ‘New’ right below the ‘Home’ icon.

Step 3: Enter ‘Roadmap’ in the search box and press the search button. The PowerPoint templates collection will load after a few seconds.

Step 4: Choose a template from the collection and press the ‘Create’ button. You can experiment with different templates until you discover one that works for you. You can even choose layouts with a dark theme.

Alternatively, you can choose from an assortment of roadmap PowerPoint templates from resources like SlideUpLift that will give you more variety and visualization ideas.

Step 5: Once the roadmap has been placed in the work area, you can begin personalizing it by adding text and other content.

How to Make a Roadmap in PowerPoint From Scratch Using SmartArt?

With the help of SmartArt, you can begin from scratch and design a perfect roadmap in PowerPoint. This is how it’s done.

How to Make a Roadmap in PowerPoint From Scratch Using SmartArt

Step 1: Create a new PowerPoint presentation on your desktop.

Step 2: Select the ‘Insert’ tab, then ‘SmartArt.’ SmartArt visuals are available in hundreds of variations.

Step 3: To refine your search, go to the ‘SmartArt’ dialog box’s left panel and choose ‘Process.’ If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you may go to ‘‘ at the bottom of the dialog box. This will give you access to even more template choices.

Step 4: When you pick a SmartArt graphic, a preview will appear in the right pane.

Step 5: To confirm your choice, press the ‘OK’ button.

Now that the SmartArt graphic has been added, it is your task to build a professional roadmap. You can add important text, pictures, infographics, audio recordings, and videos to your roadmap.

You can use a lot more options for building a roadmap presentation using SlideUpLift’s SmartArt PowerPoint Templates, where we have custom-designed many roadmap visualizations in Smartart.

Wrapping It Up

Building a roadmap in PowerPoint is a valuable tool for visually organizing and outlining the milestones or steps needed to achieve a specific goal. It helps to provide a clear overview of the direction that a project or business is heading and can be used to track progress and make adjustments as needed.

We hope that this guide has been helpful and that you can now confidently create a roadmap in PowerPoint.

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