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How To Broadcast A PowerPoint Presentation Online | PowerPoint Tutorial

April 16, 2020| slideuplift
How To Broadcast A PowerPoint Presentation Online | PowerPoint Tutorial

In this blog, you will learn a powerful PowerPoint feature of how to remotely present a PowerPoint online.

In today’s time, countless people need to work from home and maintain safe social distancing. A large number of organizations around the globe need to connect to their team members, customers, prospective clients, and others every day. Online presentations and conference calls are undeniably the most widely used medium among professionals to connect.

Not everyone is comfortable in using third party ppt sharing tools and software to share a presentation online to a remote audience. Did you know that PowerPoint allows you to share your PowerPoint online remotely with your audience across the globe?

It not necessary for the audience to have PowerPoint installed on their devices. All they need is an active internet connection. The presenter needs to share a URL to the audience, and everyone who is invited can watch a synchronized view of your slideshow in their web browser.

Here is how you can broadcast an online presentation to your remote viewers-

Step 1 – Open the presentation file and select > Slide Show tab

Step 2 – Select Present Online > Connect

(You can allow the audience to download the presentation by enabling the checkbox)

Step 3 – Share the link with others by choosing one of the following –

  • Copy Link
  • Send in Email

Step 4 – Once the viewers are ready, you can start the presentation.

You can also insert and enable subtitles in your PowerPoint presentation from the bottom left corner (watch the video tutorial below)

Step 5 – To end the presentation, Present Online > End Online Presentation

Watch this stepwise video tutorial to get a detailed idea-

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