Product Description:

Agenda PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 17

The Agenda PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 17 is an indispensable asset for anyone who wishes to communicate the major themes of a meeting or presentation. The template has a modern and trendy design with a gradient background and uses blocks as a basis for organizing the points of discussion.

The PowerPoint agenda slide displays ‘OUR AGENDA’ in large letters at the top. Below the title are five creatively shaped white 3D banners. Each banner is marked with a label containing the name of that particular topic. The labels present are ‘About Company,’ ‘Project Status,’ ‘Team,’ ‘Charts,’ and ‘Portfolio.’ You can edit the labels and banners to match your meeting’s agenda. 

Each banner possesses a stylish angled design that helps the audience distinguish different topics with ease. This design of professional PPT templates ensures that the information is neatly organized while adding a visual appeal. Additionally, the subtle gradient background adds depth while keeping viewers focused on content.

This Agenda PowerPoint & Google Slides Template 17 is user friendly and several aspects of the slide, such as the font, colors, and background, can be customized according to your needs and preferences. This template is compatible with both Google Slides and MS PowerPoint, ensuring a seamless user experience.