Product Description:

The Google Slides Background Aesthetic offers a pre-designed background for different presentation purposes. Startups, tech companies, investment firms, marketing agencies and design firms can use this background to complement their presentation topic. 

One of our aesthetic Google Slides backgrounds, this template has a watercolor wash with a textured look. The colors that are used for this are white with shades of green and teal. Elements like leaves and dotted patterns are added for a touch of elegance. In the middle of this slide, there’s space for a title presented in a bold font. This placement ensures that your main message catches the audience’s attention. 

This background can be used in creative workshops or business environments to symbolize professionalism and creative style. It works well for topics like growth, innovation, concerns, arts or any subject where a calm and natural look is desired. Finally, these aesthetic backgrounds offer convenience and adaptability for tailoring to your requirements. It is compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides. Engage your audience with our free presentation templates available with a 2-day trial plan.

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