Best Marketing Plan Templates To Build A Winning Marketing Presentation

May 6, 2021| slideuplift
Best Marketing Plan Templates To Build A Winning Marketing Presentation

A marketing plan is a very foundation that lays the exact roadmap to guide you to accomplish your business objectives. It outlines in detail your market strategies, activities, tactics, expenditure, and expected results over a period of time. Below are the essential components of an effective marketing plan.

A few key aspects of the Marketing Plan are:

  1. Marketing Goals
  2. Market Analysis
    • Market Overview
    • Competitor Analysis
    • 3Cs Overview
    • SWOT Analysis
  3. Customer Segmentation
  4. Positioning Statement
  5. Execution Strategy
    • Marketing Roadmap
    • Communication Strategy
    • 4Ps
    • Channel Strategy
    • Budget Allocation
  6. Marketing Campaign Analysis
  7. Example of a complete Marketing Plan Deck

Marketing Goals

Great marketing plans are built on a foundation of sound goals representing the company’s most pressing business needs. Be it a small business or a big enterprise, clear and realistic marketing goals are essential. They determine your course of action for resource management, operations, and other business-related activities. Marketing goals must be achievable, time-bound, measurable, and realistic, and in collusion with the company’s financial objectives. A few marketing goals frameworks you can refer to are: OKR Framework & SMART Goals.

A few Marketing Plan Templates to showcase Marketing Goals:


OKR Example

OKR Example

Source: OKR Example by SlideUpLift

SMART Goal Template

SMART Goal Template

Source: SMART Goal Template by SLideUpLift

Find more OKR Templates & SMART Goals Templates to showcase your business and marketing goals. Sound marketing goals form the foundation of a robust marketing plan to achieve the desired results in the market.

Market Analysis

Once you have set your market goals, the next step is to take up market analysis. This refers to quantitative and qualitative assessments of your market. It should encompass the market size (volume and value), customer segmentation, competitors, and other environmental challenges like economic rules and regulations.

Market Analysis Template

Market Analysis Template

Source: Market Analysis Template by SLideUpLift

Market Analysis includes understanding your competitors, category, and company in-depth to ensure you understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in detail.

a) Market Overview

As a marketer, in-depth market research and a sound understanding of business trends are a must. You need to answer several questions to have a flawless market overview, like: What is the size of the potential market? What are the trends, growth, and needs of the market? How is the market segmented (by pricing, age, income, or product usage)? Who is the target audience? Who are your real competitors? A clear understanding of these vital aspects will help you develop your plan effectively.

Market Overview PowerPoint Template

Market Overview PowerPoint Template

Source: Market Overview Template by SlideUpLift

Check out our marketing plan templates for showing creative market analysis for your business presentation.

b) Competitive Analysis

Having identified your main competitors, it’s now time to go for a sturdy competitive analysis which is a critical part of your company marketing plan. This evaluation will enable you to establish factors that make your product or service unique in the market and can provide a potential competitive edge over your competitors.

Competitor Analysis Template

Competitor Analysis Template

Source: Competitor Analysis Template by SlideUpLift

Find more marketing plan templates for Competitor analysis.

c) 3 Cs

It brings all the three variables customer, competitor, and company together in the light of their dynamic relation and interdependence. By thorough analysis of each component in relation to others, you will be able to understand your relative strengths and flaws and hence accordingly work to improve the equations. While you can start with any of the 3C’s it is highly recommended that you first understand your customer, then competition in the market, and finally the company.

 3Cs Marketing PowerPoint Template

3Cs Marketing PowerPoint Template

Source: 3Cs Marketing PowerPoint Template by SlideUpLift

You can check out more marketing plan templates for 3cs Marketing.

d) SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is the evaluation of a company’s opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and threats. It is an internal evaluation that includes understanding the company’s competencies in various aspects of business like organizational structure, staff, operational capacity and efficiency, financial resources, etc.

Animated SWOT PowerPoint Template

Animated SWOT PowerPoint Template

Source: Animated SWOT PowerPoint Template by SlideUpLift

Learn more about how to conduct a proper SWOT Analysis as it is one of the best business analysis tools to determine opportunities and threats. Check out marketing plan templates for stunning SWOT Analysis for strategic decision making.

Customer Segmentation

Can you hit a target when blindfolded? The answer is an obvious NO. Similarly, you cannot think of a perfect market strategy with the right execution without the knowledge of your target customers. Customer segmentation helps to have a better understanding of the target customers. Segmentation is done on basis of different variables like age, income group, demography, cultural preferences, lifestyle, etc. Such segmentation will help you identify segments with more opportunities and scope. Thus, with clear customer segmentation, you can make more focused and effective market messages.

Customer Segmentation Template

Customer Segmentation Template

Source: Customer Segmentation Template by SlideUpLift

In short, we need to understand our customers really well to ensure we deliver them the value they are looking for. Browse through our vast collection of marketing plan templates of Target Audience to define your customer effectively.

Positioning Statement

The positioning system promotes your brand for a selective target audience. All you need to do is identify the needs of the group and list the brand’s benefits that distinctively meet the needs of the target. A powerful positioning statement that clearly communicates your product’s unique value to the customers can do wonders in a highly competitive market environment.

 Positioning PowerPoint Template

Positioning PowerPoint Template

Source: Positioning PowerPoint Template by SlideUpLift

A positioning statement acts as a guiding statement for all your marketing efforts. Every marketing decision you make about your brand should be in alignment with your positioning statement. Check out the variety of marketing plan templates related to Positioning.

Execution Strategy

How you plan to execute your marketing tactics and campaigns is also an important part of the marketing plan. Since it is very important that your strategies and tactics fall in line with the company’s budget, you need to review and outline your brand strategy, pricing, roll-up timelines, and estimated distribution channels.

a) Marketing Roadmap

A marketing roadmap conveys your high-level marketing plan to key stakeholders across the company. It’s an umbrella roadmap for individual plans for specific campaigns, events, and product launches. Create a marketing roadmap to showcase all your initiatives for a year in one single slide.

Marketing Plan Roadmap

Marketing Roadmap Template

Source: Marketing Roadmap Template by SlideUpLift

Marketing Plan Roadmap

Marketing Plan Roadmap

Source: Marketing Plan Roadmap by SlideUpLift

Find more visually appealing marketing roadmap templates to create an engaging presentation.

b) Communication Strategy

Draft your communication strategy to convey your message to the audience. This will include communication objectives, methods to achieve the objectives, benefits of messages, channels of communication, etc. A well-drafted communication strategy sets the tone and direction for the marketing activities to achieve desired goals. It also enables the stakeholders to provide inputs so that constructive, unified actions may be taken.

Communication Plan PowerPoint Template

Communication Plan PowerPoint Template

Source: Communication strategy Plan Template by SlideUpLift

Check out marketing communication strategy templates for your business presentations.

c) 4 Ps

Once the positioning statement for the target segment is established, marketers develop tactical marketing tools referred to as 4P’s that are used to get the desired response from the target audience. It’s a marketing mix of four major variables product, price, place, and promotion that directly influence the market demand. All the components are interdependent and are key factors that promote your product’s Unique Selling Points and differentiate it from its competitors. Each of these determinants when focused on and dealt with in the right manner can lead to positive market growth.

4Ps Marketing PowerPoint Template

4Ps Marketing PowerPoint Template

Source: 4Ps Marketing Template by SlideUpLift

Find more marketing plan templates related to creative 4Ps Marketing to get started.

d) Channel Strategy

It is a tactical plan focused specifically on delivering a product or service to an end customer. A well-planned channel strategy and value propositions enable marketers to create their desired reach and increase access to their target customers. You could decide to go direct to the consumer or through intermediaries or a mix of both.

Channel strategy template

Channel Strategy Template

Source: Channel strategy template by SlideUpLift

e) Budget Allocation

How well you execute your marketing strategies depends largely on how well you have planned your budget allocation. Your budget should be tied to campaigns that directly serve your marketing goals and have a high ROI.

Marketing Budget Template

Marketing Budget Template

Source: Marketing Budget Template by SlideUpLift

In order to grow your small business, it is imperative that you translate marketing strategy into robust marketing execution. Focus on getting a solid Marketing strategy and marketing execution in place to see strong results. Quarterly revisit your strategy and plan to calibrate it to the current market conditions.

Marketing Campaign Analysis

The process of planning, setting up, and executing marketing plans is exhausting, challenging yet fun. However, all marketing campaigns must at some point come to an end and there is always one final step in the process: campaign analysis.

Use Campaign Analysis to:

  • Understand what parts of the campaign worked well or not so well.
  • Learn how the target audience responded to the campaign
  • Review the financial effectiveness of the campaign versus objectives
  • Provide valuable learnings for future campaigns

Here is a marketing campaign analysis template for your reference:

Marketing Campaign Analysis

Marketing Campaign Analysis

Source: Marketing Campaign Analysis by SlideUpLift

Here is an example of a Marketing Plan Deck used by Marketers to showcase their robust marketing plan in an effective manner. It can give you a head start in building your marketing plan as you don’t have to start from scratch or a blank slide.

Marketing Plan Deck

Marketing Plan Deck

Marketing Plan Deck

Source: Marketing Plan Deck by SlideUpLift

Also, check out our vast collection of Marketing Strategy Templates to build Marketing Presentations.

Now you don’t have to scour the web to find out the right templates. Download our PowerPoint Templates from within PowerPoint. See how?

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