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How To Print Handouts in PowerPoint & Printing Slides With Notes

This PowerPoint tutorial explains how to print handouts in powerpoint in simple steps. Sometimes it becomes necessary to provide handouts to your audience. Handouts are necessary to provide references to the audience. Especially, if your presentation has a lot of technical data, a handout becomes indispensable. Also for training presentations and some seminars, if you want the audience to take notes, a handout with space for notes is conducive.

However, handing out a bulky 40-50 slide handout to a room full of an audience is both unnecessary and a huge waste of paper.

Here is a simple hack to print handouts in powerpoint efficiently, making it easier on your wallet, as well as the environment.

  • Go to File and click on Print.

Print Handouts in PowerPoint

  • In the options listed, you will see a drop-down, with ‘ Full Page Slides’ selected.

Print Handouts in PowerPoint

  • Click on it and you can see options to print 2/3/4/6/9 slides per page, according to your needs.

Print Handouts in PowerPoint

  • Select the option best suited to your needs.
  • Further, you can change the orientation of the paper between portrait and landscape, and choose the one which provides better scale and legibility.

Print Handouts in PowerPoint

Watch this stepwise video tutorial to get a detailed idea on how to print handouts in PowerPoint:


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Business Pitch Deck

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