Product Description:

Creative Agenda List PowerPoint & Google Slides Template

Listing down the topics for your meeting using the Creative Agenda List PowerPoint & Google Slides Template will make planning your meeting easy and is a great way to share your ideas with your colleagues. This agenda slide template offers an organized way to showcase a list of topics for the meeting. The slide consists of five arrow-shaped content boxes from A to E, each pointing towards the right, guiding the reader through the page and indicating a sequence of topics or tasks. The arrows are connected by some sort of rodes. 

The arrows are in a different gradient of blue and green, making it easy to differentiate between different agenda topics and giving the slide a well-structured side. The color scheme is designed by professionals to appear visually appealing and suitable for audiences. The arrows are of different lengths, and in front of each arrow box, there is a placeholder of the same color as the arrow. 

The template starts with a text box at the top where you can introduce the agenda or give an overview. This and other Google template slides that we provide can be used for multiple purposes. They can be utilized by educators, professionals, project managers in business settings, or anyone needing to outline a series of topics or tasks clearly and comprehensibly. This template is easily customizable to suit your preferences. Adjusting the colors, text, and icons is straightforward. It’s compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Guide for Using the Product;

Editing your temple will make the most of it. You start with the heading in the text box to provide an overview of your agenda or topics. Then, proceed from point A to E, entering the title for each agenda item represented by a capital letter and offering a detailed description in the adjacent space. Personalize the icons to correspond with each point for emphasis. If you want to highlight sections, consider using contrasting colors for each arrow. Keep your text concise to ensure clarity for your audience.

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